How Many Types of Bed Frames Are There?

Believe it or not, many Thai households today still sleep on simple bamboo mats. Then, if you head over to Japan, a large proportion of the population prefers to sleep on futons, which is a type of mattress they use on the floor.

In the end, we all should have the right to choose how we slumber. If you want to sleep on the floor in some capacity, why should it be an issue?

If you prefer a traditional western style bed, however, there are various types of bed frames to choose from. In this short guide, we’re going to check out some of the more common bed frame types to help you decide which will be best for your needs.

So let’s get to it!


Metal Bed Frames

The strongest type of bedframe has to be a metal one in most cases, but not exclusively. These tend to be modern types of bed frames that look slick and come in various styles.

That being said, there are more classic styles to choose from as well. Whatever the case, they’ll be plenty of options to consider to fit the aesthetics of the room you wish to put your bed frame in.

These bed frames come in a range of prices and on the budget end they can be very cheap. One issue that some people have with these beds is that they can be a little squeaky sometimes.


How Many Types of Bed Frames Are There?


Wooden Bed Frames

Maybe the most stable type of bed frame is a wooden one. This is especially true if you choose to have a frame made from quality wood and made by reputable manufacturers. A Wilbur Davis wood bed frame is a good example of what we’re talking about.

These beds can come in various colors and styles to fit with your home decor. They also add a more natural look to the home than other bed frame types.


How Many Types of Bed Frames Are There?


Fabric and Leather Bed Frames

Of all the different types of bed frames out there today, fabric and leather options have to be some of the most popular. They come in all shapes and sizes with numerous textures and colors to opt for.

If you’re looking to make an impact in your bedroom, then faux leather beds are a great choice. This type of leather is artificial, which is good for people who care about animal rights.

On the fabric side of things, velvet is a classic choice that transcends eras of fashion without ever looking out of place. All types of bed frames in velvet tend to give a luxurious look to your home too.


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The Many Types of Bedframes

We’ve touched upon only a small proportion of the many types of bed frames on the market today. Although, the ones we’ve mentioned are popular options. Metal frames are great for a contemporary look, while wooden frames deliver a solid natural aesthetic. Fabric and leather options offer more impact and personalization.

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