How Many Types of Replacement Windows Are There?

Depending on the type of windows you currently have, they should last you anywhere from 20 to 40 years. However, have you noticed signs that you need replacements, even if you haven’t gotten to the 20-year mark yet? Then you should get some replacement windows pronto. What you should know is that there are various replacement window types you can choose from.

How many types of home replacement windows are there? And what are they? Read on to find out!


replacement window types


Single-hung windows are perhaps the most popular type of replacement window since they offer a very classic look. This means that if your house is on the older side, you won’t have to worry about these replacement windows looking too modern for it. Basically every house in America has at least one single-hung window or two!

Single-hung windows are also very simple (and affordable too). As a result, they’ll match with practically any style of house too!

Single-hung windows are made of 2 main sashes, with one on the bottom and one on top. But the top sash is fixed, which means it doesn’t move. Only the bottom sash moves, and you’ll slide it up and down to either open or close the window.

With some replacement windows, the sash can actually pivot inward. This allows better access to the outside for cleaning, so if you’re interested in better convenience for your chores, this is definitely a type of single-hung window to consider.

Single-hung windows are great for people who live in areas with bad weather. They’re less likely to have leakage.


Double-hung windows are very similar to single-hung ones. In fact, they look identical at first glance! They both have 2 sashes where one’s on top of another.

But what makes them different is how they open up. Not only does the bottom sash slide, but the top one does too!

This means that if you want to have better temperature control in your room, opt for a double-hung window instead of single-hung. You can lower the top sash (or raise the bottom one) to get warm air to flow out better.

Like with single-hung windows, some double-hung ones have a tilting feature that allows you to easily clean the outside panes. This can be invaluable if you need replacement windows on the second floor and don’t want to hire a window washer to come clean these for you.

Double-hung windows are also great for households that have small children. You can get airflow in the house by lowering the top sash. With the lower sash still in place, you won’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt or even sneaking outside!


Do you like what the single and double-hung windows offer you, but don’t like the top-down configuration? Then no problem! In that case, you’re better suited for sliding windows.

As the name suggests, these are replacement windows that slide from left to right, and vice versa. 2 sashes are places onto an upper and lower track that go horizontally. So essentially, this is kind of like a double-hung window that’s been tilted on its side!

It’s most ideal to use sliding windows where you want to enjoy the view. Single and double-hung windows are taller than they are wide, while sliding windows are the opposite. This allows you to fully take in the gorgeous scenery!


Casement windows are those that pivot on hinges that are placed on one side of the window. They’re typically opened up with a handle that’s located on the opposite side or a hand crank.

In most cases, they swing outwards. However, if there’s something outside preventing you from doing so, you can always opt for inward-swinging casement windows as well.

Casement windows are best used in situations where you want to get the maximum airflow possible in your house. They’re also easy to open up, so if you’re looking for convenience, you’ve got it with this type of replacement window.


Accent windows are also known as picture windows. These actually aren’t functional, as they’re fixed into your wall. You won’t be able to open or close them, so if ventilation is a must, you should avoid getting this type of window.

Otherwise, accent windows are a great way to let in natural light and add a point of interest in a room. You can choose to have just a simple pane of glass or have various shapes to make up the window so there’s some visual appeal.

To add even more function to the room, consider pairing an accent window with some other types of replacement windows, such as double-hung ones. This will allow you to not only get better ventilation in a room, but to also upgrade the design of your space.

If you’re interested in any of the above types of replacement windows, getting something reputable like Renewal by Andersen window replacement can be a wise decision. A reputable company can help you compare types of replacement windows, help you choose the best ones, and get them installed with no issue.

Know Your Replacement Window Types

As you can see, there are 5 types of replacement windows you can get. And they all have their own benefits that can either suit a house or be completely wrong for it.

Now that you know the different replacement window types out there, you’ll be better able to choose the right option for your home and budget.

If you enjoyed reading about the different types of replacement windows available, then keep reading our blog page for more home improvement info!

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