How Much do a Garage Door Installation and Replacement Cost?

Garage doors usually open up manually or by an electric motor and are frequently larger than standard doors. The small garage doors can be in a single panel and can tilt up and back. But the large door has several joint panels which roll up across the ceiling or back to the doorway. Most garage doors are made of wood and fiberglass metal.

If you may face any problem regarding the garage door, the installation, repair or replacement for garage doors costs are waiting for you.


How long does a garage door last?

The life of the door directly depends upon the material used. Like, wooden garage doors can rot over time, metal can end up with some corrosion or scratches, and glass can undergo some breakage. So the material and usage decide that how long your garage door lasts. The average lifetime of a maintained garage door can be exceeded to 30 years; if you are using any opening mechanism, it can last upto12 years.


How Much do a Garage Door Installation and Replacement Cost?


Factors on which cost depends:

Here are the terms which often determine the garage door cost;

  • Type
  • Size
  • Hardware
  • Windows
  • Special features
  • Insulation
  • Supplies

Cost of doors:

The average cost for installation of a garage door roundabout to $2,300 if the door is without an opener. The National Association of Remodeling Industry estimates this price, but some factors will determine how much you will pay for it.

It also includes size, material, and type of door, further deciding the labor costs. If you want to add an automatic opener, the price of a garage door opener can be between $200 to $650.

Types of doors and their costs:

You can see, there are two factors on which cost can be estimated.

  1. Style of garage door
  2. Material of garage door

Style of garage door:

Garage door price often depends upon the style or type of door used as a garage door. It is also dependent upon hardware installed on the garage doors; here are the styles which we are going to discuss;


The sectional garage door is a hinged section, which has to bend upside along the ceiling. They have commonly used garage doors which cost around $700.

Single Panel:

It is composed of a single piece and slides up on the car when it needs to open. They don’t bend like sectional doors nor curve. They are considered the cheapest one whose installation cost is around $400.


Swing outdoor is composed of two parts which open as regular door same while sliding one slide to the garage wall when opened. Their price range starts from $1000 and can vary more. They are often less used and expensive too.


These garage doors are simply rolled up above the entrance like a window blind. They don’t extend through the ceiling, and their price range starts from $650, but the labor cost of these doors is much higher than other ones.

Material of Garage Door:

There are various garage door models available. Steel garage doors are the cheapest, costing between $750 to $3,500 for a two-car door.

Aluminum is rust-resistant and costs between $1,500 and $2,000. A wood garage door, including composites doors, costs $1,200-$4,000. Wood doors made with wood joints are the strongest and priciest.

Fiberglass is rust and corrosion resistant and costs between $1,500 and $2,000. Vinyl doors are low-maintenance. The price range is between $900 and $1,500.


You can install the garage door by yourself, too, but it will be a hectic and time-consuming task if you have never done it before. So you should leave the task for professionals as they know their work well and have professional equipment. Moreover, the advantage of assigning the task to skilled workers is that they work quickly, don’t create too much mess, and work efficiently.

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