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How Much Does a Chain Link Fence Cost and Why Should You Have One?

If you want to build a fence around your property, you may be surprised by all of the options available to you. From wood to wrought iron and even stone, the choices can seem overwhelming. Yet, a simple chain link fence may be the perfect choice for you.

What are the benefits of a chain link fence? How much does a chain link fence cost? Find out everything you need to know in this article!



One of the biggest reasons that property owners choose to install a fence is for added safety. Chain link fences are great for protecting your property from intruders or for keeping your pets or children out of harm’s way.

Chain link fences are difficult to break or climb over. If safety is a major concern on your property, consider that chain link fences can be built extremely high. Plus, barbed wire is easily added to the top of the fence to further discourage trespassers.

On a smaller scale, a chain link fence can protect your garden from animals. Unlike other types of fencing, they allow sunlight to pass through to keep your plants healthy as well as safe.


Chain link fence parts are all coated with a material that prevents rust and even keeps dirt from building up.

Chain link fences are safe even in extreme weather. The metal and coating hold up against water, ice, and debris while the open links allow gusts of wind to go through without bending the fence or knocking it over.

Damage is unlikely, but if your fence does require repair, it’s easy to do. You can quickly and seamlessly replace even small parts of the fence.


chain link fence cost


Fast Installation

Chain link fence installation is fast and easy. A lot of the time, it can be completed in just two days.

Professional installers are available to put up your fence for you, but the job is simple enough that you can even do it yourself. You will need specialized tools and materials, though.

If you need to protect your property quickly, a chain link fence is your best option.

Chain Link Fence Cost

The cost of getting fencing for your yard or other property varies based on material and length. Chain link fences are the least expensive material per foot. In fact, other materials can be two or three times more expensive.

They run between $7 and $12 per linear foot. They can be more expensive if you choose to install a taller fence or add gates. You may be able to get your fence, with all the chain link fence hardware you need, for less than $1000.

Plus, since chain link fences are low maintenance and easy to repair, you will likely end up saving money over time as well!

Get Your Fence Installed Now

Chain link fences offer many benefits from added security to durability. Also, even tight budgets can afford the low chain link fence cost.

Are you ready to take the next step? Find an installer near you today to protect and improve your property with a chain link fence!

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