How Much Does a Dumbwaiter Cost for Your Home?

Home improvements in the United States account for a $112 billion industry. The key to making the right home improvement is choosing jobs that make a difference in your household.

Having a dumbwaiter that brings items up and downstairs for you can serve as an incredible home improvement to make.

How much is a dumbwaiter? What goes into installing a dumbwaiter? We’re happy to explain.

Here’s what you should know about the dumbwaiter cost and a host of other details.


How Much Does a Dumbwaiter Cost?

It’s important that you consider the cost of a dumbwaiter lift before anything else.

The dumbwaiter itself is likely to cost roughly $4,000, not including installation. Dumbwaiter prices will vary based on size, type, weight capacity, and the location of the installation.

Consider what model you’d like to buy, and which brands are the most tried and true.


How Much Does a Dumbwaiter Cost for Your Home?


What Benefits and Considerations Should You Keep in Mind?

Now that you know the price, it’s important to recognize why purchasing a dumbwaiter is worth every penny. These fixtures are great for your property and your quality of life.

Here are some of the benefits and points of consideration you should know about dumbwaiters.

1. You’ll Cut Down on Time

Having a home dumbwaiter cuts down on plenty of time and effort in your household. The time it takes to go up and down flights of stairs in search of items can be repurposed to other areas of your life.

This also cuts down on decision fatigue, which can wear down your resolve and effectiveness as the days goes on. Your ability to manage time better can help you improve your quality of life and cut down on stress.

2. Dumbwaiters Are Great for People With Physical Limitations

You also make your physical life much easier when you reduce the tasks you take on. Older people or those with physical limitations will appreciate dumbwaiters for this reason.

Today, 25% of people 65 years old and older experience a fall each year. You’re far less likely to experience a fall when you have a dumbwaiter that can easily carry items up multiple stories.

If you have physical limitations, the dumbwaiter can overcome them and allow you to get your hands on whatever item you’re looking for.

3. These Are Smaller Than Elevators

Dumbwaiters are helpful because they’re smaller than a typical elevator. This smaller size makes the installation far easier, and it doesn’t take up as much space in your home.

Being able to conveniently install this fixture without sacrificing square footage will maintain flow in your home and make it a welcome part of any room in which it is installed.

4. Dumbwaiters Are Interesting and Can Add to Property Values

Don’t lose sight of the fact that a dumbwaiter might improve your property values.

Dumbwaiters are increasingly popular for new construction homes. In fact, 45% of homes that have these fixtures were built in the last 20 years or so.

People are appreciating these fixtures and would happily make an offer on a home that includes one. When you appreciate the property value uptick that you receive, it becomes easier to consider the return on investment (ROI) that comes with the territory.

Your dumbwaiter will serve as an interesting talking point for company and a potential asset for anyone that is looking to make an offer from your home once it goes to sale.

5. These Fixtures Are Cost-Effective

Now that you know the price of a dumbwaiter, one thing remains clear — it’s far more cost-effective when compared to installing an elevator.

Installing an elevator will likely cost you between about $2,000 and $60,000 in most cases. You can generally get a dumbwaiter for much less expensive since it’s smaller and has a lower weight capacity.

Not only is a dumbwaiter incredibly cost-effective, but you’ll also appreciate that it keeps paying for itself year after year.

Make sure to set aside enough money in your budget to pay for any sort of dumbwaiter that you would like to install in your household.

6. They’re More Low Maintenance Than Elevators

People that own dumbwaiters also appreciate the fact that they are low maintenance. Since they don’t take on a lot of weight or punishment, your dumbwaiter should last for years without very many hiccups or setbacks.

You should still take the time to get your dumbwaiter inspected or checked out every year or so. This way, you can get any repairs needed so that it won’t have to go without use.

The savings that you’ll appreciate can be repurposed to other areas of your house.

7. You Can Transport a Variety of Items as You Please

Finally, you’ll love the level of control that you get from having a dumbwaiter. People often use these fixtures for food and beverages, but you can transport just about any item in a dumbwiater.

Get creative and put some routines together that allow you to transport belongings however you please.


Look Into Installing a Dumbwaiter for Your Home

Understanding the dumbwaiter cost and other factors will help you out when you’re looking to make an installation. The points above will serve you whenever you are looking into purchasing the exact dumbwaiter that’ll work well in your home.

We’re happy to help you out when you’re looking for other forms of related information that can assist you.

Check out our other blog posts related to real estate, home improvement, and a variety of other pieces of information.

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