How Much Does It Cost to Install a Residential Elevator?

If you’re thinking about installing a residential elevator, don’t let the cost deter you. West Coast Elevators is a worthwhile investment because it provides innumerable benefits that are well worth the money. Today, many homeowners are installing home elevators to make it easier to transport large or heavy goods up and down the stairs. Even more important, they install them to assist older family members or pets in moving from floor to floor which encourages their independence. 

Elevators also make the residence more accessible to persons who are disabled or immobile. Lastly, they also add additional luxury and therefore increase the value of a property. Now to the cost, the pricing for a house elevator installation varies and is dependent on several factors. The two main determining factors are the type of home elevator and the features chosen. Here is more on this:


The Installation Process

The cost of installing a home elevator varies greatly depending on the type of elevator and where it will be installed within the property. Because each type of elevator involves varying amounts of work, installation could take as little as two days or as long as a week. If your preferred home elevator needs a shaft, the price will depend on whether you need a machine room, whether your shaft will be hidden, and where it will be located.

For example, adding an elevator to the side of your house will cost more than installing one where you already have closets. The location also affects the installation procedure, as some elevators require more space than others and are designed to be hidden or enclosed. As such, this poses a bigger challenge in terms of where they may be installed since it’s limiting. 

All in all, regardless of where you want to build your home elevator, accessibility should always be a priority, and many expert elevator installers can assist you in determining the optimum location for your unique type of elevator in your home. These are some of the many considerations that are factored into the overall price. Any permit fees and inspection costs will also normally be included in the elevator pricing, but make sure to discuss this with your elevator installation company.


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Estimated Labor Costs

The labor cost in elevator installation is determined by the amount of work required by professionals. This is in turn determined by the type of elevator chosen by the homeowners, its location, whether it requires a shaft, and how many floors the elevator must reach. Shaftless elevators, for example, will be less difficult to install than elevators with a shaft and machine room.

Elevators with a shaft and machine room may necessitate additional labor, such as drilling holes in your floors to accommodate the cab and machinery. As such, labor costs for these elevators will be higher. When you’re presented with the total cost of installation, it will typically include labor costs. The cost of installation might range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in some circumstances. However, when it comes to labor rates, it’s always advisable to confirm with your specific company.

Wind Up – Other Costs to Consider

While the type of elevator, the installation process needed, and labor are all important costs to consider, there are others to consider as well. One of these is the fees associated with customization. Customization offers homeowners greater flexibility in selecting the ideal elevator for their home. 

Besides this, keep in mind that the location of your home and the size of your home might affect the cost, as well as the need for additional maintenance to keep your elevator in good working order. Nevertheless, with a qualified company, you can get a comprehensive assessment of the cost, and therefore make an informed decision on the type of elevator to go for. 


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