How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room in Your Home?

Within paint, you have the solvent, pigment, and vehicle. These 3 parts help you transfer the paint onto your walls and recreate a room.

While you might want to get started, you could be curious about the cost to paint a room. Is it really expensive, or is it affordable? Read on to explore the answer to this question and get started painting today!


How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room?

Whether or not you’re hiring interior painting services, the cost can range from $950-$3,000. Labor costs for hiring a professional can vary from $170-$680. This amount can vary based on the total square footage of floor space, and the amount that needs to be painted.

When you hire a home painter, they can charge by the hour. This can be $20-$50 an hour. Some can charge much more than this. Decide on your budget first before deciding if a residential painter is right for your home’s needs.




Calculating Costs

Your home painter will take the average area in order to figure out how much paint that they’ll need. They’ll first take a look at the area of the walls.

If you’re wanting to do this yourself, add the length of each wall together. Make sure to subtract doors and windows from what you get.

If baseboards and ceilings will be part of the project, make sure to include them as well. Next, you’ll want to determine the amount of paint that you’ll need. One gallon of paint can cover up to 400 square feet.

Painting Apartments

If your apartment is 950 square feet, it could cost about $1,000-$2,900. Remember that if you own the apartment, then this cost will be on you.

If you’re renting the space, then the landlord might pay for all or part of it. Speak with them first before hiring anyone or buying paint.

For condos or homes with an HOA, always check with them first before you begin. They might have rules about what colors you can use.


How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room in Your Home?


Painting a Room

While painting a room on your own can cost between $100-$300, hiring a professional can cost between $200-$800. While it might seem expensive, it’ll be good to know that your room is painted with the correct coverage.

Room Type Costs

The living room tends to be more since it’s a larger space. The average living room is about 330 square feet which is about $900-$2,000.

Whereas a bathroom is only about 70 square feet. This equates to about $150-$350.

Accent Walls

Keep in mind that accent walls tend to cost more than regular walls. This is because of the change in color. If you’re looking for murals, it can cost about $800-$1850.


How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room in Your Home?


Deciding on What You Should Paint

When it comes to accent walls, you’ll want a wall with the maximum focal point. This can be wall art on a location, a bedroom, living room, etc.

Another option is to create an accent wall in a hallway. For the bedroom, choose the wall that your bed is against. Living rooms are great focal points where the TV or fireplace is located. If you’re looking to show off a piece of furniture or a collection, this is another great location for wall art.

Labor Costs

If you hire a professional, a large percentage of what you pay will be based on labor costs. This can be $20-$50 for smaller areas. For the coverage area, they might charge you $1-$3 per square foot.

Painting a Kitchen

Painting prices will vary based on the location and size of the area, and whether you hire a professional. Kitchen walls can be less at $150-$250 thanks to kitchen cabinets deducting the space that will be painted. There are also appliances and backsplashes that can be in the way.

Texture Painting

If you’re looking to add texture, it could cost about .050-1.00 per square foot. This can equate to about $40-$150 for one wall. This is also due to it adding surface area to the walls which will increase the amount of paint required.


How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room in Your Home?


Ceiling Paint Costs

Your ceiling can cost between $1-$2 per square foot. This will also depend on the number of coats and the type of texture that you use. If you have a 12 x 12 ceiling, it can cost about $150-$300.

Labor Cost Factors

Some factors that’ll impact how much a painter charges include the use of oil-based paints, the wall height, and the difficulty of the area. Wages and overhead in the area can also impact how much they’ll charge you.

For wallpaper removal or drywall repair, they might charge you more. It also comes down to how long it’ll take them, and the types of material and paint used.

Since speed will impact the cost, many painters can do about 80 to 120 square feet per hour. That’s about the size of a bedroom that’s small. Keep in mind that this will be after there’s prep work and the furniture is moved.


How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room in Your Home?


Prep Work

Your damaged walls might need stripping, sanding, spackling, etc. You might also need a baseboard or trim installation.

Exploring the Cost to Paint a Room

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how much it’ll cost to paint a room. Take your time deciding whether hiring a professional or doing it yourself will be better.

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