How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

The neck lift cost is approximately $5,242 on average. However, this budget may vary depending on different reasons. The price is according to a statistic that was taken in 2018 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Did you know that the area around your neck shows signs of aging more than your face? Most people pay attention to and care for the skin around their face for the fear of looking old, however, it is equally important to pay attention to your neck as well. The collagen fibers grow weak, and the skin falls at the jawline.


When can I see the results after my procedure?

After the neck lift procedure, you will most likely notice some differences in your muscles, skin, and fat around your neck section immediately. However, you might not see the end results of your lift because your tissues will take a couple of weeks to recover from the treatment.

Your neck will therefore heal gradually and you will experience and see results with time. Most likely, your end results could be seen at around six months.


Who Should have a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a procedure that anyone with excess fat and sagging skin around their neck. A patient who is close to your ideal weight, in good health, and has elastic skin, is a perfect fit to take this lift.

Your plastic surgeon will schedule a one-on-one meeting where they will examine the muscle tissues around your neck. They will revisit your medical history and examine your current health status. After these examinations, the surgeon will determine whether you are fit to go through the procedure.

Although they are also options to get a neck lift without surgery,  a cosmetic procedure is not only an investment in yourself but also in your emotional health. It should be an easy decision to make and a worth it experience right from the day a patient seeks consultation to the day they attain their desired results.

The procedure is also relatively affordable depending on a number of factors as stated below:


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  • Complexity

Some surgeries are more difficult than others. This factor is one of the aspects in which cosmetic surgeons decide how much they will charge a patient. The surgeon will also charge according to their level of expertise, the more experience the higher the service charges and vice versa.

  • Anesthesia

A general anesthetic is more expensive than a local one. A patient needs to discuss with their surgeon the best option. This would also help you save a significant amount of money for the procedure.

  • Type of neck lift

Depending on the type of neck lift you are looking into, the cost may vary. For example, if you intend to have a non-invasive neck lift, a mini facelift, a lower facelift, or any other lift alongside the neck lift procedure, you will be charged more.

Sometimes there may be a need to combine two lifts for better results. However, your cosmetic surgeon will explain all the available options and help you choose depending on your goal.

  • Location

Like any other business, if a cosmetic surgeon is based in a high-end locality, it is more likely you are going to pay more. The high costs are attributed to the high cost of living, rent, and high competition. Some people also associate hospitals in particular areas with more professionalism. The view gives the owners a lee-way to charge more.

  • The plastic Surgeon

We have doctors who are already a renowned brand. Their name and fame most likely are due to their expertise. Nobody wants to entrust their body to an amateur so if you want to deal with an experienced surgeon, you will have to part with some good money.


How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?neck lift cost mini neck lift cost, non surgical neck lift. neck botox, neck lift without surgery, neck lift without surgery,


Additional fees

The final cost for your neck lift surgery could go up due to added costs such as fees for the Surgical center and prescribed medicine. The quantity of unwanted fat and the skin condition around your neck is also a factor that affects the cost of a neck lift.

The vaster the surgery is, the higher the cost. Sometimes, the surgeon will need to do liposuction around your neck which is an added cost too.

Ideally, a surgical neck lift costs approximately $5,000 while non-surgical procedures cost between $20 and $2,100. The rate of the non-surgical method is dependent on the type of treatment. Here are some of the non-surgical procedures

• Botox – This procedure is not very painful, and it takes a very short time. It does not require much downtime. Botox will cost you approximately $410 on average.

• Laser – This procedure will require moderate care of the wound. You can’t spend even 10 days on downtime. On average, this procedure would cost you approximately $2,100

• Injectable dermal fillers – The procedure takes between six and twelve months before completion. It would cost you a range of $600 and $800 approximately.

  • Non surgical eyebrow lift– This procedure is quite simple and relatively harmless but the result will last around 18 months and costs somewhere between $400-$550.

• Kybella – The procedure might need you to do it four times before seeing results. It would cost you approximately $1000.

• Radiofrequency Micro-needling – This mode of treatment is customized specifically for a patient. This makes it hard to approximate the rates this procedure would cost as the prices are customized too depending on the service a patient will receive. With this procedure, you could see results instantly but, in most cases, patients take a couple of months to see.

• Ultherapy – This procedure can take up to one year before completion. The seeing of results varies from one patient to the other but would take approximately 2 to 3 months The procedure would cost you approximately $2000 for a single treatment.


How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost? neck lift cost mini neck lift cost, non surgical neck lift. neck botox, neck lift without surgery, neck lift without surgery,


Personal image is an important aspect of our lives. There is not a single person who would appreciate feeling old or looking some type of way that is not considered as appealing. Human beings and especially women will sometimes opt for plastic surgeries and different procedures that will make them feel better or prettier.

Plastic surgery procedure has not yet been fully accepted in our society. There are still stigmas and misconceptions around the topic. However, with proper guidance from a professional, you can improve your appearance. Speak to a registered plastic surgeon before going through the procedure to understand the different methods, the cost, and what works best with your targeted results.

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