How Rugs and Carpets Can Transform a Space

Experts predict that the area rug industry will grow by USD 1.44 billion in the next few years. This growth is fueled partly by the consumer shift toward interior design.

If you also love the idea of decorating your home and finding new and inspiring ways to reflect your personality, using rugs and carpets are some of the best ways to do so.

Here are some interior design ideas you can use to spruce up your home using floor coverings.


Choose the Right Size

A rug that’s too large or too small won’t look right in the room and might even detract from your other furnishings. A good guideline to follow is to subtract three feet from the total width and length of the room. Having some bare floor showing around the rug makes the room look bigger.

In the living room, rugs should run the length of your biggest piece of furniture, which is usually the couch. It should also be six to eight inches longer than the couch for a well-proportioned look.

One of the most popular interior design ideas is to only place the front legs of living room furniture on the carpet. This design is better for small rooms and creates a finished look despite the size of the carpet.

However, for dining room furniture, you want a minimum of 24″ away from the edge of the table on all sides. This enables people to push the chairs in and out without the chair legs scratching the floors.


How Rugs and Carpets Can Transform a Space


Use Rugs and Carpets to Add Color

Does your room look a little bland? Many rooms suffer from having a boring color scheme, such as beige carpet and white walls. You can add visual interest with rugs and carpets.

You want your carpet to complement your furniture, and this can sometimes be a little tricky to pull off. Thankfully, most furniture comes in neutral colors or shades that work well with anything. For instance, popular couch colors are white, gray, blue, black, and white.

When designing a room, use rugs as the source of your color scheme. Pull colors from it for the throw pillows, upholstery, and decorations. It might take some trial and error, but when you find colors that work together, you’ll notice the difference right away.


How Rugs and Carpets Can Transform a Space


Connect Rooms

If you want to create a flow throughout the entire house, use themed floor coverings. Choosing specific designs or colors can tie two rooms together, creating unity.

It’s also a great way to “guide” people through your home and provide walkways.

Give Your Home a High-End Look

Adding luxury rugs and carpets can give your home a polished look, pulling all the elements together to create a cohesive and welcoming space.

If you want to give your home a truly luxurious upgrade, designer carpets are a great way to do so. You can find a variety of fine rugs at


How Rugs and Carpets Can Transform a Space


Bring the Room Together

If you’re interested in interior design, you have to learn about the value of rugs and carpets. These tips and tricks will help you pull the whole room together.

For even more design advice, be sure to browse some of our other topics.

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