How to Accommodate Sun in your Outdoor Area without Sacrificing Design

Sun holds an important role in outdoor living, however,  it can also pose some challenges to your outdoor spaces. If your outdoor area is already sun-drenched then it will be easy for you to convert it easily into a welcoming and entertaining area. You can place a variety of things like outdoor chairs, lounges, and even hanging chairs to create a comfortable environment here.

You can also use plants that need very little maintenance in your deck. If you find any issue regarding space then hanging planters and a vertical green wall can be a practical solution.  However, before setting up the layout of your outdoor area, it is critical to know the behavior and position of the sun throughout the day.

This will help you in choosing a strategic layout for your space otherwise the heat coming from the sun will make your furniture unbearably hot. If you plan to place plants on your deck then make sure you look for tough plants if it is facing north-west, because it gets really hot.


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On the other side, you can place plants that can easily survive under shade if your deck is facing south. You also need to make sure that your furniture pieces can survive the heat and UV rays coming from the sun and weather elements easily.

Here is how you can accommodate full sun in your outdoor area without sacrificing design and compromising aesthetics:

Choose Suitable Plants:

While setting up the design of your outdoor area, don’t overlook the presence of greenery or plants in it. If your space is sun-drenched then seek suitable plants that can survive such an environment without compromising their growth or look.

Plants that grow easily in deserts will be the most suitable plants for this purpose. These plants are various types of cacti and plants with waxy leaves. These plants will survive and thrive on the heat coming directly from the sun.


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Arrangement to Regulate the Access of Light:

While the light coming from the sun is necessary for you and plants placed in the deck. There should be a functional system to regulate the light coming from the sun. The best way to do it is by installing perforated shutters on your balcony.

These shutters not only regulate the incoming but also add an aesthetic appeal to the balcony or deck. They are considered as a perfect accessory for the balcony as they provide shade without blocking light completely but they also create patterns of shadows due to their perforation which looks quite unique.


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Go For Vertical Greenery:

As discussed earlier, you should analyze the movement and position of the sun throughout the day from your balcony or deck and then set up a design according to the movement of the sun. Now you need to figure out the most protected wall of your balcony that gets the least affected when the sun is totally at its peak.

You can install a vertical garden or green climbers along with that wall. They will add a great aesthetic value to the layout of your outdoor area and make it look quite interesting as well. The best thing about these vertical green walls is they are compact and easy to clean.


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Evening Entertainment:

There are chances that you will try everything to accommodate full sun but of no use. The sun is too harsh for you and your plants outside during the daytime. There is no need to give up or worry about it, you can transform your space for enjoyment and entertainment during the evening when there is no issue due to the harshness of the sun.

You just need to make simple arrangements to convert your outdoor area into an evening-time retreat and once the sun starts going down, it is your time to shine.

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