How to Add Extra Storage Space to Your House

Did you know people who have a clean home feel mentally well? You should look at tidying up your home and putting items away after using them. If you need some extra storage space ideas, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn ways to create more space in your home by adding new storage space. You can begin decluttering and getting rid of extra items.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.


Get a Kitchen Island

Do you have enough storage space in your kitchen? Buy a kitchen island that has cabinets and storage space below it. You can tuck away your baking supplies and extra gadgets there.


How to Add Extra Storage Space to Your House


Dining Area for a Small Kitchen

You could install a bench in the corner of your kitchen. Put a stunning custom cushion on it. You can add a round table beside it, along with two more chairs. This will make a small kitchen dining area.

Begin Decluttering and Donating Items

Create storage space in your house by removing any extra clutter or items you don’t use anymore. You can donate the surplus items to a shelter or charity.

Clutter will often make people feel anxious. Get rid of clutter and make your home feel more comfortable and relaxing.

You can begin decluttering by moving from room to room. Decide what items you will throw away and what ones you’ll keep. Break up a super cluttered room into zones, and start small.


How to Add Extra Storage Space to Your House


Pick Up Versatile Furniture

You can use furniture pieces for two purposes. In a home office, you can use a bookshelf for storing items and free up desk space. Tuck away your stool beneath the work surface.

You can use colorful baskets to keep your office supplies well-organized.

Use the Window Space

In your kitchen, you could hang racks or shelves across your windows. There, you can hang your pots and pans on hooks. This will keep them accessible and look nice.

Show off your copper pan set or unique pottery mugs.

Use the Space Below the Stairs

Storage space beneath stairs often gets overlooked.

Yet, you could build a shelf or create a closet beneath the stairs. Individual steps can work as built-in drawers. Think about what kind of items you’d like to store in this area.

The staircase is a great spot to install hooks. There, you can hang sports equipment, store garden gear, or other bulky items. You could also look into adding more storage to your garage. Check out this helpful guide.


How to Add Extra Storage Space to Your House


Use the Space Above Doors

You can attach slim shelves and hooks or hang an organizer unit above your door. Doors to a bathroom will also work for toiletry storage or towels. Hang a colorful hook on the back of your bathroom door.

Use Your Vertical Space

Look around your home for vertical wall space. You can make use of a blank wall by installing shelving units. Some people will use an entire wall to display their favorite books or art pieces.

You can prop up a pegboard on a wall. Hang all your craft items there.

Use Containers

You can find different containers at thrift stores and flea markets and use them for storage. Fill up different-sized valises and stack them beside your bed.

Turn your trunk into a coffee table or linen closet near the sofa bed.

Store Things Under Your Bed

You should try storing items below your bed. Keep linens for your bed in a clear container and slip them beneath the bed. Pack away seasonal items in slim, rectangular containers and tuck them away.


How to Add Extra Storage Space to Your House


Entryway Storage

Look at picking up a bench where you can store hats, mittens, or other seasonal items inside. Guests can sit on the bench and take off their shoes.

Install some hooks above the bench where people can hang their coats.

Use Stacking Trays

In your kitchen cabinets, you can stack dishes and cups with tiered-trays. This will help you use more space in your cabinets and make the most of the available space.

Get rid of any kitchen items you don’t need or use.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

You can use the space in your bathroom by adding bins or sliding drawers in the cabinet beneath the sink.

Try sorting your washcloths and towels together. Stack them in sets, so it’s easy to use them. Install a few floating shelves above your sink or on the side of the shower. Rolled towels look neat and well-organized.


How to Add Extra Storage Space to Your House

Try Organizing Your Linens

Is your linen closet a mess? You can make it organized and neat so people don’t open the door and have a mess topple forward.

Try simplifying your bedding sets. Store a complete set of bed sheets in one of the matching pillowcases. This will make it easy for you or a family member to grab the full set and make the bed.

You also won’t waste time trying to find the matching fitted sheet. If you have a few different bed sizes in your home, try organizing the sheets by size. Put queen sheets on one shelf, twin sheets on another, and so forth.

Store your extra bedding and pillows in a vacuum-sealed bag. This will save some space.

Start Finding Extra Storage Space Today

Did you find this guide helpful in finding extra storage space in your home?

Make sure you check out the vertical room in your house. Can you add shelving units or hooks there? Look at using the space below your bed as well. Try to declutter your home as well.

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