How to Add Wow Factor to Your Kitchen Interior: Kitchen Design Tips

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

Kitchens are the most fundamental parts of our homes. In fact, kitchens sell homes. Think about when you may want to sell your property. If your kitchen does not scream passion, then it likely won’t excite potential buyers.

A lot of people understand the value of remodeling a kitchen. This is why kitchen remodeling is the second most popular home project undertaking.

Can you imagine the feeling when every time you walk into your kitchen, everything just feels right? What about when visitors come into your kitchen, and their first expression is, ‘wow?’ 

“Wow factor” is a feature that stirs up a feeling of great excitement or admiration. In decorating your kitchen, think about what you’re passionate about. You can then incorporate this passion into the design elements in your kitchen.

So, what inspires you to remodel your kitchen? The next time any of these questions seem too familiar to you, it might be time for remodeling. 

  • Do you feel like you can no longer stand your old kitchen? 
  • Is your kitchen so cluttered, you don’t want to spend time in it?
  • Is your kitchen too large, feels cold, empty, and needs additional furnishing? 
  • Did you purchase your home recently and wish to customize your kitchen? 
  • Do you want to improve the resale value of your home?
  • Is your kitchen too tiny to accommodate your growing family?

Research shows that all of the above are reasons behind people’s motivations for kitchen remodeling. But, for whatever reason you may have, there comes a time when your kitchen becomes outdated and out of touch with your present needs. 

In the present times, home buyers are looking for high-end appliances, beautifully designed cabinets, and stone countertops. An American study reveals that 69% of homeowners view the kitchen as the primary home selling point out of all the homes listed for sale.

Below, you’ll discover great tips for your kitchen makeovers. You’ll also get insights into exactly what you should do to attain that breathtaking kitchen appeal. Read on for the 4 best secrets on how to add wow factor to your kitchen interior.


4 Best Secrets on Adding Wow Factor to Your Kitchen Interior

1. Create Inviting Spaces in Your Kitchen

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The kitchen’s design should be welcoming. One aspect of an impressive kitchen is where everyone who comes in gets a sense of belonging. It should signal anyone around to get in and be part of the setting. 

The beauty is that; when you create welcoming spaces, your entire family can be involved during meal preparations. Because of this, your home becomes a source of harmony. 

You can achieve this by adding a unique element, like an extension to a beautiful outdoor space, where people can relax.

You can also make the kitchen an ideal hangout space for your family by providing several soft spots to rest on. For example, a few comfortable benches covered in pillow piles are perfect.

Consider the likes of artwork, plants, and books. They all add to the warmth and character of your kitchen. You can work with open shelves to add more spaces that display books and other collectibles.


2. Incorporate Access Points to Natural Light

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Everyone keen on interior design would love lively kitchen spaces. Capitalizing on natural kitchen lighting will be an advantage in making the room livelier. Ensure the kitchen has access to the natural light that always adds life to the room. 

Adding natural light to your kitchen simply mean:

  • Integrating a Glass Door

You can replace your kitchen’s back door with a glass door. Since doors have a large surface area, they’ll be able to let in more light into the room. 

  • Adding a Window

Placing an extra window just above a sink is a great way to brighten up the kitchen. It also offers you a great view whenever you’re doing the dishes.

  • Installing a Glass Wall 

When you install a glass wall in your kitchen, you’ll be able to let in more light. For example, removing a glass pane along a wall’s top can enhance the lighting in a dark kitchen.

  • Using Light-Colored and Reflective Surfaces

You do this by optimizing whatever light you get into the room. Ensure you employ light-colored and reflective surfaces and finishes. 

Gloss paint, pale shades, and reflective stones are excellent ways to get the most out of natural light. Marble countertops also enable sunlight to bounce back into the room. 

The color you choose for the floor will also impact the light levels in your kitchen significantly. For example, you can apply a reflective floor surface like tiles.

Other kitchen design ideas include choosing the best color scheme for your kitchen cabinets. As you pick a color scheme for your kitchen, remember that you want a color scheme that will always look reflective and appealing. Getting color scheme design ideas from magazines and blogs is also a great way for finding the right inspiration.

Take the example of white kitchens. They are popular because of their bright and lit appearance. In addition, they can easily accommodate any color scheme in kitchen decor and accessories. 

Grey kitchens are also good if you like contemporary kitchen styles. Dark kitchens will work best if you already have plenty of natural lighting. Otherwise, your kitchen may appear dull and unappealing.

  • Changing to an Open-Concept House Plan

An open-concept plan is now a trend. It offers solutions to the darkest and dull kitchens. An example is where you remove a wall between your kitchen and the next room to have one big room. This way, you manage to enlarge the kitchen visually and also maximize the natural light. 

  • Integrating Skylights

Skylights enable the sunlight to come in through the roof, hence a kitchen full of natural light. Ensure you position the skylights over the primary areas, such as the counter table. It allows enough light as you prepare food and hang around the kitchen. 

Sometimes, it may not be possible to integrate the skylights in some areas due to the roof design. In such cases, light tunnels with adjustable light-transmitting tubes will work best. When placed on a south-facing wall, they will stream in maximum amounts of light.

3. Have Exciting Elements to Look at

How to Add Wow Factor to Your Kitchen Interior


A unique kitchen always has exciting elements to look at. These are eye-catching points that give the kitchen a unique touch. They excite people’s eyes and become the kitchen’s point of focus. 

A focus point that may create an appealing look includes custom-made dining chairs or extraordinary cooking gadgets.

4. Turn Your Kitchen Into a Place of Positivity

How to Add Wow Factor to Your Kitchen Interior


Studies show that there are connections between an individual’s mood and their surroundings. Whenever you walk into your kitchen and everything feels and appears good, you also feel relaxed and content.

Below is how you can turn your kitchen into a room of positivity:

  • Integrate the Right Colors

It’s established that color can affect our mood. Simply changing the color of your kitchen can make a big difference in your mood. 

According to color psychology, ancient cultures like Egyptians and Chinese practiced light therapy, colorology, or chromotherapy. This is the use of colors as a holistic and alternative treatment. 

 Today, people still apply this practice as an alternative treatment in the following ways:

  • Red – used for mind and body stimulation to increase blood circulation.
  • Yellow – believed to stimulate the nerves and cleanse the body.
  • Orange – is used to increase energy levels.
  • Blue – believed to relieve pain.

Color choices are very personal. Hence, incorporating color psychology and your favorite colors in the elements in your kitchen can boost your mood.

  • Use Essential Oils in Your Daily Routine

The way color can lift your mood is the same way scents can be calming and energizing. For example, rosemary essence is not only a good disinfectant, it is also soothing and refreshing. Tea tree oil and lavender are also essential oils with calming effects. 


Kitchen interior design is all about exploring your unique sense of design. It’s part of what makes your home living experience worth it.

To do this, you need to know the essentials of a good kitchen design that matches your passion. From the discussion above, you have the opportunity to create the ideal kitchen design that suits your interests, and your home needs.

Remember to add unique elements, and create a bright kitchen with adequate light streaming in. Most importantly, do not be afraid to start your kitchen makeover again.

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