How to Avoid 5 of the Most Expensive Home Repairs

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When you purchase a home, you have to perform the maintenance on it and have to take the time to ensure that it is in the best shape. This will help you to maintain your home’s value and will help to ensure that it is a safe space for you and your family to live in. It can become expensive to deal with all of the repairs that come with homeownership, but thankfully, it is possible to avoid some of the most expensive home repairs. Continue reading below to learn more about five of the most expensive home repairs and how you can avoid them.


1. Foundation Damage

The foundation of your home is literally what keeps it standing as it supports the weight of your home so that it does not collapse. A foundation fix can cost upwards of six figures if you do not repair issues as soon as you see them so that the costs do not add up.

Often, if there is a large water supply near your foundation, you will have more issues as this can eventually warp it. Ensure that water stays away from the walls of your foundation and that the ground is graded well so that water can run off from your foundation.

2. HVAC Repair

If you have ever had your air conditioning or your heat go out, you can know how miserable life is. If you do not take care of your HVAC appliances, you may have to replace them sooner than you hope to. Each piece of equipment within your HVAC system costs at least a few thousand dollars too, which you may not have ready to pay at the moment it goes out.

Make sure you receive HVAC servicing on an annual basis where a professional can replace the filters, flush the coins, and inspect all units for proper condition.

3. Water Damage

Another expensive repair in your home that can occur anywhere in your home is if you have water damage somewhere. Most often, this water damage occurs in a basement due to some type of leak which comes from the exterior or from your plumbing.

Invest in basement waterproofing products so that you do not have standing water that damages your appliances and your walls. Call in a plumber who can inspect your piping and wrap it in insulation to avoid potential cracks and leaks that can lead to this water damage.

most expensive home repairs


4. Lawn Problems

Before speaking of this point, it is important to note that the discussion is not just about receiving landscaping. Some individuals have to obtain a sod installation when the lawns have been taken over by pests or by poor soil and weeds.

This can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you have to start from scratch as unfortunately, some homeowners do have to do with a landscaping company. Get your landscaping company to test your soil to ensure that it remains healthy and use fertilizer to help bring your grass back to health if you have damage.

5. Roof Replacement

The final most expensive home repair project that you may have to do sometime is a total roof replacement. This is a necessary repair, but it is possible to make your roof lasts as long as it possibly can so that you can save up. Always replace shingles as soon as they fall off to ensure that there are no growing holes in your roof.

If you notice a leak, have someone inspect your roof for holes that are already present and that can be patched before a complete and total replacement is necessary.

Final Thoughts

Owning a home is a great investment opportunity, but it is no easy task to keep up with the repairs that become necessary. This is especially true if you neglect to provide your home with the necessary maintenance that it needs to maintain top shape.

Start doing small fixes and small maintenance tasks now before it is too late and you have one of these large repair bills coming to you. You do not want to have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket when you least expect it to happen, especially if you have a low budget.



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