How to Avoid and Fix Smudged Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is often the focal point of your look, and if it runs or smudges, it is far from flattering. There are ways to avoid this from happening and if you manage to get smudges anyway, here are some ways to fix the problems. 


Fix clumpy mascara

Mascara clumps are unsightly and if your mascara is older than three months, the clumps could be because it is past its expiry date. If not, you can wet a clean spoolie brush with some micellar water and comb with the wand from the base to the tip of your lashes, wiggling as you go to catch the clumps. 

Getting a mascara blob where it isn’t supposed to be can be hard to fix without causing smudging. Dip a cotton bud into micellar water, hold it over the blob and gently twist it to wipe it away. 

To prevent the raccoon-eye look, you can choose waterproof mascara and other waterproof eye products. Lilac St, Sweed, Vavalash and Bella offer DIY waterproof lash extensions that you can easily apply at home. When you wear these lashes, you don’t even really have to use mascara if you want a stunning, natural effect. 


How to Avoid and Fix Smudged Eye Makeup


Don’t use heavy oil-based moisturizers or creams 

Your skincare routine could be the culprit behind smudged eye makeup. Your eyelids tend to get oily during the day, which is why it’s important to start with clean skin. Pay attention to your eyelids when you wash your face in the morning so you wash off any excess oils or makeup products from the day before. 

Heavy oil-based moisturizers or eye creams might cause your makeup to travel down your face. Keep any rich eye creams for evening application. 

Sort out eye shadow fails

It’s a mistake not to apply eye primer as it can serve a dual purpose. It disguises any red tones and works as a great base to make eyeshadow stay on all day. 

Apply eyeliner before you apply your eyeshadow. The powder in the eye shadow absorbs the oil in the skin and gives the eyeliner a better canvas. 

When you apply the eyeshadow, it’s best to apply a little at a time. It is easier to add than to subtract. When using a powder eye shadow, tap the brush to remove any excess rather than overloading it with the product. 


How to Avoid and Fix Smudged Eye Makeup


Avoid messy eyeliner

Smudged or uneven eyeliner can be tricky to fix. To minimize any damage to the rest of your face, do your eye makeup first. Pencil eyeliners are usually oil-based, which means they travel more easily so gel eyeliner may work better for you. Waterproof or long-lasting eyeliner is specially formulated to be smudge-proof. 

If you have applied your eyeliner incorrectly, dip a cotton bud in eye makeup remover and run it over the back of your hand. If the cotton bud is too wet, it can spread the problem rather than removing it. Now run the bud over the problematic eyeliner to remove it. Dab dry before fixing any eye shadow and re-applying your eyeliner.

Prevent under-eye creases from concealer

You want to conceal dark circles under your eyes but if you add too much concealer, it can cause creases. If you see creases, you can correct this by using a fluffy eye shadow brush. As soon as the creases disappear, set with powder. To avoid the creases from happening in the first place, only dot the concealer over the darkest places, such as the inner corner of the eyes. 


ra 15 Smudged Eye Makeup


Fix overdrawn brows

You may have gone a little overboard when trying to boost the look of your brows. If they look unnatural, grab a spoolie and brush it through your brows to blend the product. This will make them look softer and more even. If you have really caked on the brow pencil or gel, you may have to use a damp spoolie to remove the excess product. 

Set your eye makeup

Once you have your eye makeup complete, you need to set the products. If you skip this step, your eyeliner and eye shadow can bleed into your concealer and give the appearance of dark circles. Try dusting translucent powder under your eye to avoid this. 

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