How to Avoid Vaping Smell in the House

Congratulations on switching from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping. While vaping might not be completely healthy, it doesn’t cause as many problems as conventional smoking. Vaping is undoubtedly popular these days. You can find people vaping in their homes, cars, offices, streets, and shopping centers. Vaping is an obsessive habit for some people and a hobby for others.

But vaping can also leave a lingering odor in the house. Regardless of the juice or flavor you choose, you will eventually notice a stale order lingering in your home. While you might not smell it because you are primarily around the scent, other people will sense it.

And this odor will be more noticeable in a house where a person vapes marijuana. The scent from marijuana vaping smells like a mix of popcorn and pine nuts. Essentially, anybody will notice the odor in your house even if you use the best vape pen ( Luckily, you can avoid vaping smell by following these tips.


Blow Vapor through the Window

Blowing the vapor through the window may not suit some people, especially during winter. However, the exhale has active particles that accumulate on the furniture and floors, leaving the flavor behind. Therefore, limiting breathing everywhere in the house when exhaling will leave less small indoors.

Don’t Choose Strong Vape Flavors

A strong vape flavor is more likely to leave a vaping smell behind than a weak one. For instance, patchouli and cinnamon are intense flavors that will permeate almost everything in the house. Also, these flavors can linger in the home for days or weeks, especially in closed spaces. Even removing the small by burning scented candles might not eliminate the smell.

On the other hand, watermelon and jasmine are low-key flavors. Such flavors don’t have the staying power of patchouli and cinnamon. They can be too volatile to linger around or too subtle.

Change Your Vaping Location

Most people love vaping curled up on their couches. While this might feel comfortable, it leaves the vaping smell lingering in the house. If somebody walks into your home a few minutes after you stop vaping, they will notice the smell immediately.

So, the best way to avoid vaping smell is to select a warm place and turn it into your vape cave. And this can be the laundry room, the garage, or the attic. You can always go there to vape before return back to the house. Particles from most vape pens don’t travel far. And if they travel, they may not create the ongoing olfactory.


How to Avoid Vaping Smell in the House


Use Vape Juice with Low VG Amount

Some vape juice manufacturers use vegetable glycerin to suspend flavors. Research has shown that vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are toxic to human cells. But apart from that, vaping VG e-liquid predominately captures more flavor particles.

When exhaling, VG accumulates on the surfaces and starts evaporating slowly. And this can happen for weeks with VG droplets loaded with a strong flavor that they release every day.

Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid vaping smells is switching to PG vape juices. These products don’t trap much flavor and don’t perform the house.

Go for a Small E-Cigarette

A smaller vape pen creates smaller clouds. Most vapers use extensive vape mods for cloud chasing. Unfortunately, these devices envelope houses in vapor, and you can’t escape this if you use a large vape mod. Therefore, using a large device will leave your home with fine particles in every part unless you clean it every day. So, if you must cloud-chase, consider doing it at a vape meet or outside. On the other hand, use a small device at home because it’s not so smelly.

Air Our Every Room Daily

Open windows in all rooms every day if you must vape indoors. And doing this for a few minutes can help because it allows the vape smells to dissipate. A quick session for airing the rooms can do wonders even if you don’t open the windows while vaping.

Use Air Purifier

Most air purifiers for removing traditional cigarette smoke from the house can remove vape odors too. A quality air purifier neutralizes odors in different ways. For instance, HEPA filters strain small micron-sized particles from the atmosphere, ensuring they don’t cling around. The O-zone-generation adds weight to odors, thereby pulling them from the house. The best way to avoid vaping smell in the home using an air purifier is to run it when vaping. After that, you can run it for about one hour, and the lingering odor will be no more.


How to Avoid Vaping Smell in the House


Use a Vape as Your Aromatherapy Device

This option might not work for you even if you have the best vape pen for e-liquid or a portable unit. However, it may be an ideal option if you have a desktop vape. After vaping, place your favorite essential oil into your device. For instance, you can use lavender due to its strength and the ability to mast foul odors. Also, lavender is sufficiently gentle and pleasant to most people. Exposure to this essential oil can also help you fall asleep faster. The unit will take around 10 minutes to circulate the sweet scent around the house.

Use a Quality Moisture Absorber

A moisture absorber removes excess vapor from a living space. For instance, you can place a moisture absorber in a bathroom to get rid of excessive moisture. However, it can also lower odor because its crystals will attract moisture into a container. After that, it converts the humidity into water that collects at the container’s bottom. Also, it can remove musty odors lingering in a room.

Research indicates that exposure to secondhand nicotine vaping increases the risk of breathing shortness and bronchitic symptoms. While vaping could be a step in the right direction, vape odors can be problematic, especially in homes with children. Therefore, vapers should try these tips to avoid vaping smell in the house or avoid vaping indoors. Combined with the best vape pens, these methods can eliminate or prevent stale vape odor indoors.




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