How to Be an Active Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is not easy. You are always working, and you never get a break. No matter how hard you try, your plans probably never go the way you want them to. Even when you have the most scheduled day, your kids most likely dictate what really happens, especially if you have kids still taking naps.

Despite all of these challenges, it is essential and possible to stay active. So, keep reading and check out all these great ideas about how to be an active stay at home mom.


Establish a Healthy Daily Routine

One of the top ways to focus on how to be an active stay at home mom is to create a routine for your everyday life that focuses on your health. This is much easier than you probably think it is. You can start by wearing athletic clothes all day long. Even if you do not plan to go to the gym, wearing athletic clothes makes it easier to move more athletically. It can also help you get into the proper mindset.

You can also create a plan for yourself. For example, if you know that you want to accomplish 50 squats each day, you will be more inclined to work them in when you can. You will be surprised at how many extra minutes you can find to squeeze in a few squats, lunges, or sit-ups when you already have it in your mind to do them.


How to Be an Active Stay at Home Mom


Host Play Dates for Stay at Home Parents and Kids

When you are focused on how to be an active stay at home mom, you may have to get creative with your plans. Most likely, there are other stay at home parents in your local area. You can meet them and invite them over to your house for a play date. Not only will a playdate allow you to make new friends, but gives you a chance to be active.

You can allow your kids to play together while you and the other parents take 20 minutes to do some quick exercises. For example, you could have one parent watch the kids while the other parents go for a run or do some other type of exercise.

You can rotate through the parents so that each one stays with the kids while the other works out. If you have a large number of parents, you could split them into groups, so half exercise at a time while the other half watch the kids.

If you are going to use your backyard for this type of fun activity, you want to make sure the area is secure. You do not want the kids to be able to get out, but you also do not want random people or animals walking in your yard. Residential fences installations are a great way to keep everyone safe, too.

Create Your Own Home Gym

When you cannot get out of the house to go to the gym, a great way to focus on how to be an active stay at home mom is to create your own home gym. Your home gym does not have to be expensive or fancy. Instead, you could purchase a few simple pieces of equipment and have your own gym available whenever you want it.

You may want to focus on air conditioning installation if you do not already have air conditioning. It can get hot in the summer months, and if you are not comfortable, you may not be willing to exercise.

To get started, you can purchase some dumbbells and an anti slip yoga mat. You could even get some elastic bands to get yourself started. You could even get some elastic bands to get yourself started. Next, you can look up some 5 or 10 minute exercises online. Then, when you have some moments to spare, you can add in some exercises. This is a great way to get your blood pumping and get endorphins flowing through your body. Exercise can help you feel alert and energized.


Active Mom 3 Stay at Home Mom


Consider Outdoor Features That Will Get the Whole Family Active Each Day

When you are thinking about how to be an active stay at home mom, one idea is to get your entire family involved. When you are trying to be active on your own, it is much harder. However, once the whole family is on board and motivated, it is easier to get everyone moving.

If you can get your family outside and moving, you might want to consider putting a pool in your backyard if you do not already have one. This is a great way to move and exercise while having fun. Swimming laps in a pool is great exercise, and if you make a race out of it, your family will not even realize they are exercising.

If you want to extend the number of days you can spend in your pool beyond the hottest months of summer; you could consider a pool heater. This will help heat up your pool water so that you can use it longer. This may not allow you to use it all year long, depending on your weather, but it can get you some more time.

Plan Fun Activities Outside the Home for You and Your Kids

When you are considering how to be an active stay at home mom, you want to get your kids involved in the exercise. It will be good for them to see you exercise and for you to involve them. If your kids see and participate in your activity, they are more likely to do it.

If you can incorporate fun into the activity, you are going to be able to get your kids on board. Perhaps you can go on a quick run while your kids ride their bikes beside you. You may be able to go on a little hike with your kids if they are an appropriate age. If your kids can fit in a stroller, you can throw it in the back and take them just about anywhere.

If you do not have enough space in your car to take all of the items that you need to keep them safe or occupied, you can consider renting used trailers, especially when you plan a trip that required heavy equipment. You may be able to find an affordable one that allows you to carry everything you need when you need it for little vacations, like to a local lake.


How to Be an Active Stay at Home Mom


Host Family-Friendly Yoga and Exercise Classes In Your Backyard

Getting your kids to exercise with you is one of the best ways to be able to fit in your workout. However, this may mean that you need to tailor your training to something that they can do. Yoga is a great family-friendly activity. Kids can do the easier poses.

Kids also enjoy putting themselves into yoga poses because it is fun for them. When you are considering how to be an active stay at home mom, no option should be off the table. You should visit every possible option because you never know which one will work for you.

While your bestie may have some tricks that work for her, that does not mean they are going to work well for you and your family. They might, but they might not. Therefore, it is essential for you to remain open to all possibilities.

If you want to host yoga or other exercise classes in your yard, you want to make sure you have a large enough space for all the movements. That means you may have to move some things around in your yard or consider tree removal to give you adequate space.

Switch Up Your Home’s Interior Design to Enhance Exercise and Movement

When you are wondering how to be an active stay at home mom, you might look around your house and consider some new home interior design. One of the first steps is to consider how you want to work out. Do you want one dedicated space, or do you want your entire house to encourage movement?

You want to have as much light in your house as possible. Open up the curtains or blinds to let in the light. This will help you feel more energized. You can remove anything that is not needed in your home to create space. For example, if you have furniture that is not used, you should remove it.

Consider your decorations and determine if you really want them. If not, remove the decorations, too. This removes clutter from your house and gives you more space to move. Visit your local plant shop to bring some fresh plants in the house. They help provide oxygen while giving you color and life.


Active Mom 5 Stay at Home Mom


Set Health and Academic Goals for Yourself and Your Kids

One thing you should consider when thinking about how to be an active stay at home mom is your goal. What is your goal? Think about it and write it down. Most likely, you have more than one for you and your family.

You can put them on a whiteboard and visible for the entire family to see. You should consider exercise, nutrition, and academic goals. When you have them in writing, it is easier to commit to them.

Working toward a goal is easier than just doing random exercises throughout the day without a purpose. The purpose is what drives you to reach those goals. When it comes to goals for your kids, consider their needs. It may extend beyond being active. For example, you may need to find mental health or ADHD support.

Hire a Personal Trainer to Come to Your Home

While a trainer may not be a viable option for everyone, hiring a personal trainer to come to your house is a great way to exercise. So when thinking about how to be an active stay at home mom, this may be the best option for you.

It can help save you from finding and paying for child care, as well as saves you time. A personal trainer creates a program specific to your needs. This person can push you to go a little further and work a little harder.

This motivation may be precisely what you need to get started. A personal trainer can come to your house once or twice a week.


How to Be an Active Stay at Home Mom


Take Time for Self-Care

When you are thinking about how to be an active stay at home mom, you may miss the important step of self-care. Most moms put themselves last, and their self-care suffers dramatically. Therefore, it is essential for you to take a little time for yourself.

This does not have to be extreme. Self care could be something as simple as teeth whitening or just going for a walk to clear your head. Unfortunately, many moms do not get enough sleep and may even suffer from insomnia. Sleep is vital to maintaining proper health and well being.

Taking the time to nap is a great way to get some much deserved sleep and refresh yourself. When your kids take a nap, you do not always have to be moving. You can rest and close your eyes. You could meditate and work on mindfulness. You should consider getting massages when you can to help you relax and care for yourself.

When you stay at home, it is easy to put yourself last. You tend to allow your health needs to fall to the side while you are caring for everyone else. However, it is important to take care of yourself, too. This includes exercise, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

Finding a few minutes every few hours to take some time for yourself can help you tremendously. When the stress gets to be too much, a few exercises or taking some deep breaths may help you get through.

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