How To Brighten A Kitchen That’s Starved Of Natural Light

If you don’t have a kitchen with much natural light, it can be difficult to create an open, inviting space. You squint your eyes to chop vegetables or wash the dishes. Windows and patio doors can help in the process, but it’s not enough. You feel that the walls are caving in every time you walk into the kitchen. In a kitchen, you want the bright, airy atmosphere that you can only get with natural light. We’ve come up with some ideas that make all the difference.


Opt for Glass Tiles or Metallic Tiles

Select glass or metallic tiles for your kitchen backsplash. To install the tiles, you’ll mostly need sticky thin-set mortar. They will reflect the light and make the kitchen glow with warmth. Some light is reflected off the tile surface, and some light is reflected off the wall behind the tile. The surface of the glass or metallic tiles is very hard to stain, but the tiles should be scrubbed every now and then to make sure they don’t lose their original colouring. While bold colours are modern and can help create depth, it’s best to use them scarcely if you want to create the illusion of light and space.

Depending on your desired kitchen aesthetic, you might already have your ideal backsplash tile in mind. You can choose from the vast array of glass tiles available, including the easy-to-install ones. Metal backsplashes come in stainless steel, copper, and brass. You can install the tile on Saturday and grout it on Sunday. You can save money by installing every sheet yourself, but it’s recommended to hire a professional.


How To Brighten A Kitchen That’s Starved Of Natural Light


Transform Recessed Lights into Pendant Lights

If you have recessed lights, this solution is for you: use a pendant conversion kit. It’s as quick and easy as replacing a lightbulb. You screw the hardware into the recessed light bulb mechanism. A cord hangs down to give you a pendant where you previously didn’t have one. Pendant lights illuminate areas where you need light the most and would otherwise be too dark. Owing to their elegance, they can be mistaken for chandeliers. Since pendant lighting is focused on one spot, it reduces glare and eye strain. It helps you cook, read, and so on.


5 Easy Ways To Add A Modern Touch To Your Kitchen


Choose Light Shade Cabinets

Darker colours will make the space seem smaller, as the shades tend to absorb the light. This is precisely why you should avoid dark cabinets. Invest in lighter shaded cabinets or paint them in lighter shades. Different kitchen cabinet colours have specific benefits that you’ll want to exploit in room design. Light colour gives the space an immaculate and open feel. If your kitchen has one or more walls with exposed brick, off-white cabinets will create a beautiful contrast. They breathe an air of sophistication and visual appeal to any place.

The lighter the colour of your cabinets, the more light they will reflect. A light grey is a good option, as it’s closer to white as possible. When shopping for one of the important purchases of your life, you’ll find that the experience of buying kitchen cabinets online at is more convenient. It’s wise to have a reasonable budget for a project like this. You can also consider painting the ceiling white. Heavy wooden beams can darken the room, so paint them as well.


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Hang A Mirror

Hanging a mirror is a good way to create an illusion of more light and space. This trick is especially effective in small and dark kitchens. You may not be able to cut a window out of the wall, but you can hang a mirror. In case you’re wondering where the best place to hang the mirror is, place it directly across from a window so that it bounces back natural light.

Not only will the mirror brighten up the kitchen, but also it will chase away the shadows. The mirror doesn’t have to be plain, practical, and functional. It can add a pop of detail.

Go As Large as Possible with Your Windows

Large windows provide maximum natural light in the kitchen. They’ll flood the room with warm light, and you can make the most of the view. When the sunlight streams into the kitchen, you don’t need to use lamps during the day.

Therefore, you can cut back on energy consumption and electricity. If you can’t afford to install floor-to-ceiling windows, have narrow windows tucked in between cabinets. Light will enter the room from both natural and artificial sources. Better yet, install horizontal windows. You can bring in light without sacrificing privacy.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t use curtains. If you’re worried about privacy, you can add a privacy film to the windows. It lets natural light get in the kitchen, but it all depends on the darkness of the tint. You can use sheer curtains, although it’s best not to. Light curtains give the space a more feminine appeal and create versatility in controlling the lighting. Plus, they keep the kitchen cool during the summertime.


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Open The Kitchen to Other Rooms

A combined kitchen-living space is a win-win. The family can come together in a single room. While parents do the cooking, the kids can finish their homework. Most importantly, it’s an excellent way to brighten a dark kitchen. You can take advantage of light from the other room.

Remove a wall entirely or create a window to the other room; you don’t need extensive remodelling work done. However, you need a robust ventilation system. After all, it’s an open-plan space. You should have a separate utility room, as the noise coming from the washing machine can be overwhelming.

To sum up, if your kitchen is too dark to be comfortable, you might want to consider making some changes. It’s essential to create a brightly lit area that maximises visibility and ensures safety while cooking. You can still talk to your guests as you prepare dinner or drinks. Inject some personality into the kitchen to make it feel like home. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be boring.

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