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How to Bring Your Home to Life with Accessories

Decorations and accessories turn a house into a home. You can love a property and still feel a bit strange living in it. You need to add personal touches to make it feel your own – whether it’s family portraits or obscure ornaments. Everyone has their own interior style and preference. You might feel at home in a minimalist modern home, while others prefer a country-chic design. You need to find what feels like home to you and run with it.

If your space doesn’t feel quite right, here are a few things you could add.



New-builds can feel cold and impersonal at first. The bright white walls, brand new appliances and flat-pack furniture can make it feel like a carbon copy of one million other properties. Fortunately, plants can add life and colour into the space to break up the starkness of it all. Combine larger house plants, like a peace lily, with smaller succulents for a layered effect. You could hang plants from the ceiling in woven baskets or scatter them across your living room shelves.

If plants aren’t for you, dried flowers can also add a little personality to the room. Arrange a bouquet in a beautiful vase and place it in the middle of the dining table. Dried flowers are bang on trend at the moment and look ultra-chic.


How to Bring Your Home to Life with Accessories

(Image credit: Rob Diaz Design)


Choose the right paint

Paint is one of the hardest parts of interior design. It often covers a huge space with different kinds of lighting. Paint can change colour depending on the time of day, style of lighting and surrounding furniture. You need to sample different paint colours on the wall to see how they change throughout the day. You might love the colour in the pot, but it could change when dried on the wall.

Think practically and make sure you get the right type of paint for each room. You need a kitchen paint that looks fabulous but can also be easily cleaned. Spillages happen to the best of us. Find a bathroom paint that can withstand humidity and moisture to avoid cracked paint.

Soft furnishings

Cushion covers, throws and rugs will warm up the space and make it feel cosy. Do some research and find an interior theme that catches your eye – such as boho, modern or cosy country. Find furnishings that align with this theme to build an interior style in the property slowly.

You could have a few boho-themed cushions and soft lighting in the living room, paired with a fluffy rug and oversized plants. You need to create different layers in the space with all kinds of heights, sizes and textures. Have fun with interior design and play with lots of different materials and colours. If you don’t like something in one room, you can always move it elsewhere.

Make your home feel welcoming with a few extra special touches.

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