How to Check Internet Reviews before Subscribing to a New Connection?

Looking for a new internet connection for your home or office? Don’t commit to anything before hearing a little from actual customers of the internet provider. If you are subscribing to a popular service like Mediacom Internet, finding online reviews is going to be easy! Here is how you can check internet reviews before you subscribe to a new connection!


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How to Check Internet Reviews before Subscribing to a New Connection?

Here are 4 ways to check internet reviews before subscribing to a new connection!

1. Yelp

Searching for the best internet service can be made easy with a free online review platform like Yelp. It is a well-equipped platform that lets customers leave reviews for different types of businesses on five-star rating scales. The platform allows businesses and customers to set up their accounts for free, allowing a huge number of businesses and customers to be a part of this platform’s community.

It has a website as well as a mobile application, making accessibility much easier. Another great thing about Yelp is that businesses can respond to their customer reviews as well. This can help customers resolve their issues, while new or potential customers can get an idea about a business’s attitude towards their customers.

Important features:

  • It is very easy to search businesses by city.
  • Use filters like “High Rated”
  • Transparency is maintained for sponsored results.


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2. Manta

From car repair to plumbing services, Manta is an online directory for all types of businesses. It is mostly focused on small to medium-sized companies, but you can still find reviews of internet providers such as Xfinity, Spectrum, and AT&T. You can search by city and state.

The platform is more about connecting a business with a customer. Therefore, it first displays important information about the company such as its nearest location, contact number, and official website, and then displays customer reviews.

Important features:

  • It has a list of all important info including contact details.
  • It’s easy to search the ISP by city.
  • Provides ISP information specific to the city you’re searching for.


How to Check Internet Reviews before Subscribing to a New Connection?


3. BuyTVInternetPhone Blog

Nobody tells it better than industry experts! BuyTVInternetPhone Blog is packed with detailed guides, reviews, and comparisons of various internet providers in the country. You will find blogs related to different cities and what internet options do the residents have there.

Not only this, but the blogs are frequently updated, and new ones are added regularly so that the visitors on the blogs can stay up-to-date. You will also find monthly blogs that list down and review the cheapest internet packages of the month to further help you pick the perfect new connection for your home.

Additionally, you will find blogs related to other concerns such as customer services. Whether you are looking for Mediacom customer service or need to get in touch with an AT&T representative, BuyTVInternetPhone is the right place for it! With expert opinions and reviews about different ISPs in your city will help you choose the right package for your home or business.

Important features:

  • You can speak to an actual expert to further clarify your queries about a new connection.
  • You can search reviews by internet provider, city or zip code, internet type, and much more.
  • Reviews and guides are frequently updated, so there is little to no chance of misinformation.


How to Check Internet Reviews before Subscribing to a New Connection?


4. Facebook Reviews

Gone are the days when social media platforms like Facebook were only for chatting and posting statuses. Facebook has recently upped its game by creating a specific platform for businesses of all sizes.

Facebook Business lets brands create proper accounts that look almost like e-shops. On these pages, customers can get directly redirected to the website, or even place an order through direct messages. But the highlight of it all is the reviews section. You will be surprised to see the amount of reviews customers leave on an internet provider’s Facebook page.

Spectrum and Frontier are some names in the industry that have Facebook pages and some reviews on the pages as well. Since it’s easy to tell the difference between fake and real reviews on Facebook, the reviews are of great help. You can comment on the reviews to ask further questions. There is also a 5-star rating scale that helps you see the average score the ISP has received.

Important features:

  • The 5-star rating scale gives a quick average score and overview of the reviews.
  • The brand cannot remove the reviews tab on their page, so there is no hiding from negative reviews!
  • It’s easier for businesses to respond to reviews, which could leave an impression about their attitude towards customer care.

Summing It All Up!

It is fair to say that there are a handful of good watts to check internet reviews before you make the final decision. Real customer reviews can actually be a great way of knowing what to expect from your chosen internet provider. It is also important to be able to tell between a real and fake review, so make sure you have an eye out for such scams as well!



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