How to Choose a Mobile Home: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile or manufactured homes are a great investment that allow you to spend more money on your property and less on your house. Unlike traditional homes that are built on the property, mobile homes are pre-built.

There are many advantages to owning a mobile home from the cost to variety, but how do you choose a mobile home. A mobile home provider moves the home to the property, and it is assembled there if it is more than one piece.

We created this guide to help people decide on everything from a mobile home design to the buying process.


Choose a Mobile Home: What Size Do You Need?

There are three types of mobile home sizes available: single wide, double wide, and triple wide. A single wide trailer is the smallest and is narrow with rooms not connected by hallways. Single wide trailers usually only have one or two small bedrooms.

As the name suggests, a double wide is twice as wide with hallways connecting rooms. It also contains 1-2 bedrooms but has more room and a more traditional floor plan.

A triple wide is made for people that like room or for families. They contain 3-4 bedrooms and are more spacious than the other two.

While they are called mobile homes, they are not portable like recreational vehicles. They are mobile because they are brought to the property. Most mobile homes require a foundation.

Create a Mobile Home Budget

Purchasing a mobile home isn’t much different than buying a normal home. You need a budget. Many people purchase the land first and then a mobile home to put on it. This can be temporary until a traditional home is built or for permanent residence.

When developing the budget, consider the cost of both the property and the home. While the budget for building a traditional home can fluctuate based on issues during construction, the biggest unknown factor is the mobile home moving cost.

The cost of building the home is fixed, but the transportation costs depend on how far the property is from the factory.

New or Used Mobile Homes

Once a mobile home is brought to a property, it isn’t usually moved. People move out of mobile homes just like traditional homes, so there are many used ones on the market. The benefit to this is the cost is considerably lower than new homes and it comes with the property.

Unless you live in a mobile home community that has new homes already on the property, the biggest benefit of new mobile homes is the ability to move them onto any property.

There are uses for mobile homes outside of residential living. Many times, construction companies purchase single wide trailers to move only sites during new construction. It provides plenty of room and an office area.

It’s Perfect for a First-Time Home

Due to the lower cost, many people choose a mobile home for their first home. There are many benefits to a manufactured home, and we hope this guide helps you choose a mobile home.

If you want to know more information about choosing or buying a mobile home, please explore our site.

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