How to Choose a Secure Safe to Protect Your Valuables

“A safe is meant to protect your valuables, but how can you be sure you’re getting proper protection?”

We’ve all seen those action movies where a team of mastermind spies or bank robbers manage to break into a safe. Why, they make it look easy, cracking a safe with nothing but a stethoscope and a furrowed brow. Looking at movies like Oceans 11, where breaking into a safe looks relaxed and easy, you almost wonder why anybody bothers storing things in a safe!

In reality, it’s very hard to break into a safe. If you buy the right safe, and use it properly, there’s an excellent likelihood that your valuables will be protected. Read on to find out the best way to buy a secure safe, and also how to use it for maximum effect.


Get a safe with the right level of security for your needs

There are an infinity of different types of safe in the world. Some are very expensive, while others are so cheap that you might wonder whether or not they really offer any protection at all.

If you buy the right safe, you will get the right level of protection. This might mean spending more on your safe, to ensure that it’s especially hard to break into. On the other hand, it might also mean spending less money. You don’t have to break your budget; there’s little point in buying a safe that is more expensive than the things you’re trying to protect.

When selecting a safe, size matters

Make sure that the safe you purchase is the right size for your needs. If you’re planning on hiding a safe, get a safe that is small enough to hide. If your safe is too large, you won’t be able to hide it effectively, and that removes an entire level of protection.

Then again, it is also important that your safe is large enough to do the job. If you can’t fit your valuables in your safe, you won’t be able to store them there, and that isn’t very safe at all.

Use your safe in a safe way

It’s no good buying an expensive safe and not using it properly. For example, if you decide to purchase a safe that requires a combination, beware of rookie mistakes such as:

  • Forgetting your combination: An absolute disaster! If you forget your combination, you’ll have to break into your own safe to get your belongings back.
  • Choosing a combination that is too easy: Just like choosing an internet password, make sure that the combination you select is hard to guess. Your birthday is probably the first thing a thief will try!
  • Using too complex combination: Exactly opposite to the above situation, this one’s also difficult. If you use a complex combination, you’d have a hard time remembering the same.
  • Forgetting to lock the safe: An unlocked safe offers practically no protection and is basically just a very heavy cupboard.


If you take care of the points mentioned above, you’d be able to ensure the optimum usage of your safe and carefreely use it without getting stuck in forgetting the combination or regularly changing it. Hope you follow the same!


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