How to Choose a Self-Storage Facility

Storage facilities are extremely handy when it comes to moving or finding ways to stay organized. With a variety of options available, how can you choose the most appropriate self-storage facility that fits your needs? There are tips that you can keep in mind while looking for a Wesley Chapel self-storage facility.


Figure out What to Store

The first step in determining what to store is to figure out the amount of space you need prior to looking at a facility that can accommodate that space for you. Are you looking to store furniture, antiques, or a vehicle? The type of storage you need will depend on the items you are storing.

If you are considering storing your artwork or antiques, you will need to make sure you choose a facility that has climate control. Climate-controlled spaces will keep the humidity and temperatures within a certain range. On the other hand, if you are looking to store your RV, outdoor storage will work just fine.

Check Requirements for Protection Plan

Check to see if the storage company offers a protection plan that will cover the items that you will be putting in storage. A protection plan can give you peace of mind when storing valuable and one-of-a-kind items.

Check Features of Facility

Try to find a storage facility that will give you access to your items anytime you need them. Some facilities have gated 24/7 access while others will only allow you to enter your unit during regular business hours. Additionally, you should consider the security of the facility. It should be gated and have working security cameras.

Distance & Policies

How many times will you be visiting your storage facility? You will dislike having to drive across town to get to your belongings, so consider the distance when choosing a storage facility.

It is extremely important that you have the convenience you need, so it may be worth it to pay more for a closer location. Additionally, a facility that is located in the heart of the city will be more costly than one located outside of town. If you don’t need quick access to your items, a storage facility farther away from the city won’t be as expensive.

Additionally, you want to make sure that you familiarize yourself with facility policies. Every self-storage facility will have its own set of rules and guidelines.

Some will only rent for a set period of time, while others offer month-to-month rentals. Many facilities also have some restrictions on the type of things you can store in their units. This is why you should first check to confirm the items you are bringing match their rules. Know the rules and follow them so you can ensure your items will be safeguarded.

Read Reviews & Make Phone Calls

Do make sure that you research whatever self-storage facility you are considering. This means that you should check reviews and only choose a facility that is convenient that gives good service.

Additionally, you want to make some phone calls. While you may not be interacting with the manager very often, you should move on to the next place if they come off as rude or short with you. Good storage center managers understand how important it is to have good customer service and will answer your questions with no problems.

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