How to Choose Outdoor Furniture: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

Make 2022 the year you spend more of your time outdoors. After all, it’s more than a fleeting opportunity to get a suntan. Experts have linked regular fresh air to positive mental wellbeing.

A great way to entice your tired body into the backyard is to create a beautiful, welcoming outdoor space. That starts with the right furniture.

Here, we’ll explain a few practical tips that will help you choose outdoor furniture that will look perfect for your backyard, whatever the weather.



You can transform small outdoor spaces into a haven, but only if you have furniture that fits.

Think about your space for outdoor furniture. Don’t overwhelm a backyard with clunky tables and chairs that people have to shift out the way.

Before starting your furniture shopping expedition, take a look at your available space. You should have room for plants and enough space for some outdoor exercise (even if it’s just a bit of tai chi).


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Whether you reside in a sunny or cold climate, you need to think about shelter over your furniture for patios. It will give you hours of extra outdoor time.

You can opt for a small umbrella-type canopy for your dining table if you are on a budget.

Young children will need extra shade in hot climates to protect their delicate skin, so consider a wide canopy over your furniture and surrounding area.


Do you entertain often? If so, it’s worth finding flexible furniture to accommodate large groups. Think about tables that can double up as stools or large cushions that can double up as low seating.

You might also want to buy an extendable dining table. Storage is also essential. Collapsable chairs that you can move into storage will give you plenty of seating without your outdoor area looking cluttered.


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For rustic, floral gardens, opt for a style in keeping with the rest of your outdoor space. Avoid plastic styles and choose rattan or wrought iron instead. There are some great examples here:

Wood looks fantastic for minimalist gardens, especially when paired with a neutral color scheme. Or you could opt for more high-end plastic and steel styles with clean, sleek lines.

Perhaps you want a style to reflect your personality. In that case, there are lots of bright-colored cushions and canopies you can buy that will help bring a vibrant garden alive.


Outdoor living is easy living, so you don’t want to trap yourself with the endless task of cleaning and storing delicate furnishings. In other words, put practicality high on your list when choosing furniture.

Here are a few questions to ask before you click that buy button:

  • Is the furniture wipable
  • Is it waterproof
  • Is it heavy enough to stay put in high winds
  • Can it be easily folded and packed away
  • Is it light enough to move when you need to rearrange your dining space?

Always check out reviews if you are buying your furniture online. Compared to the product description, customers will often reveal the truth about how practical their new furniture is.

Choose Outdoor Furniture That Works for You

There’s no single, perfect garden design that suits everyone. When you choose outdoor furniture, you need to think about your practical priorities, living habits, and taste.

To get inspired, check out our design section now for some ideas for your new outdoor space.

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