How to Choose the Best Chest of Drawers?

A chest of drawers is one of the handiest, adaptable, and useful pieces of furniture in your house since, without a question, enough storage is the key to establishing a harmonious, tranquil bedroom area. Although it is not considered a necessary requirement in the bedroom, it might be difficult to function without it in particular situations.

Chests of drawers are available in a variety of shapes and layouts. It’s multi-functional and basically universal because it can be used as a TV stand, dressing table, bedroom table, and changing table. Size, style and material are most important aspects to consider when purchasing a chest of drawers.


How to Choose the Best Chest of Drawers?



When selecting a chest of drawers, the material is the first thing to look at. Wood is utilized in the majority of them, however the sort of wood used varies. The term “high-quality” should be used when describing a chest of drawers. Many stores offer wide range of chest of drawers. It’s tough to choose just one of modern chests of drawers since they’ve so varied and intriguing.

You can be sure of strength and durability when you choose high-quality mahogany wood. Mahogany, for example, is a costly wood, but it is well worth the investment. The first step is to select high-quality materials.


A tall boy is a chest of drawers that normally has four or more drawers. It is one of the most common chests of drawers. This means it has a lot of storage yet takes up very little floor area, making it ideal for compact spaces or keeping a minimalist aesthetic.

The 2 over 3 drawer type features two smaller drawers on the top row and three bigger drawers beneath, providing enough storage space while also providing two compact drawers for accessories. This is perfect for separating underwear. A much larger variation of the 2 over 3 is the 4 over 3.

With three large bottom drawers and four smaller top drawers, there’s plenty of area for storage and segregation of accessories—a wonderful solution for family bedrooms. The ‘three and three’ This is a low chest of drawers with a lot of storage space in the huge deep drawers and a lot of surface area on top of the chest.

There is no standard size of chest of drawers but the most common size is 38 inches wide. This chest of drawers is small enough to fit in most bedrooms while yet offering enough of storage. The drawers are also tiny enough that they won’t droop or buckle with time.

Several large drawers are stacked one on top of the other in the traditional chest of drawers. There are traditionally four, however, the number might range from two to five or more. Many models combine drawers of various sizes, and you may even get dressers with drawers of varying widths.

Partitions split the internal area of some versions of drawers into numerous portions for convenient storage of belts, ties, and cosmetics. Despite the fact that the typical form of a chest of drawers does not contain doors, there are now variants available that have shelves with doors.

The size should not only complement the area but also accommodate storage requirements. Make a decision on what you’ll put inside. Tiny, narrow drawers are excellent for small items, but beds should be deep and roomy.


How to Choose the Best Chest of Drawers?



The general appearance and feel of the chests of drawers can vary a lot from one unit to the next. Perhaps you like a vintage or mid-century aesthetic, or perhaps you want something light and airy in a Scandinavian style to go with the rest of your decor. Everyone will discover something they like among the large variety of chests of drawers on the market. The design, size, and space of the chest of drawers should all be appropriate for you.

Dressers in glossy white, grey, and black with metal accents are perfect for hi-tech or minimalistic environments. The Scandinavian design is best suited to light models with black leather or metal handles. The traditional styled decors are complemented by carved wooden facades composed of natural materials and semicircular forms. For an industrial look, the combination of black metal and wood grain is ideal.

The style of the dresser, which includes the colour of the furniture as well as all the other features that give it character, is the final significant choosing factor. Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial, antique, classic, traditional, and rustic are the most popular interior design styles.

As a result, it’s only natural to be able to discover dressers in various designs that may be mixed and matched with existing bedroom furniture. Colours are chosen in line with the chosen style and material, as well as the colors of the walls and floors, as well as the existing furniture. Deeper tones provide drama to a minimalist house, but beachy, washed-out hues work well in more traditional designs or for Hampton chic homes.

Final thoughts

Any of us can see that the chest of drawers should not only fit in the bedroom, but also should not obstruct the room’s free mobility. It’s critical that there’s enough space to access the drawers. Finding a spot for a chest of drawers in a limited area that already contains a double bed and a large wardrobe would be difficult. If it is absolutely essential, however, you can choose between little and tall models.

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