How To Choose The Best Ice Machine

One of life’s basic joys is an iced beverage on a hot day. It is also a relatively recent luxury. It’s easy to take the ice for granted now that we don’t have to wait on ice supplies from the Arctic. That is until our supply runs out. If you’ve ever thrown a cocktail party, you understand the importance of ice. Once your supply runs out, even freezers with ice makers cannot keep up with demand. Ice trays are also ineffective since they take hours to freeze a tiny amount.

You can have a fresh batch of ice in minutes rather than hours with an ice maker. Many come with storage containers, assuring an abundance of ice for any occasion. If you’ve ever had an ice shortage at one of your parties, or if you buy bags of ice regularly, purchasing an ice maker machine is a great option. And if you’re a fan of clear/gourmet ice (yeah, that’s a thing), you already know how crucial a good ice machine is.

This Guide will help you make sense of the world of ice machines, whether you’re looking for quantity, quality, or both. Continue reading to learn how to choose the finest commercial ice machines for your unique business needs.


Selecting the Best Ice Machine

There are many various varieties of ice machines on the market, each with its price and set of features. How to tell them apart and select the finest and most appropriate for your requirements.

To pick an excellent ice maker, think about the design, pricing, and form of the ice. You should also consider the size and capacity of each type. Because it is critical that the ice maker fits your area and produces enough ice to meet your demands.

The Fundamentals of Selecting The Best Gadget for You

  • Price versus efficiency
  • The machine’s capacity, the amount generated, and the time necessary to make the ice.
  • Consumption of energy.
  • Warranty and after-sales service.


How To Choose The Best Ice Machine


Ice Machine Configurations

While each kind has variants, industrial ice machines typically fall into three major forms.

Ice Machine Head or Modular

Modular ice machines are typically available in 22 sizes “, 30” and 48″ widths, and are placed on top of an ice machine bin, ice machine dispenser, or soda dispenser. The daily output of ice ranges from 113 kg to well over 453 kg.

Countertop Ice Machines

An under-counter or self-contained ice machine may be all that is required for small bars, cafes, or companies that do not require as much ice. These compact ice makers include an ice machine with a storage bin and fit under most 40-inch refrigerators “counters that are tall Ice outputs typically peak out at around 158 kg per day, while there are a few larger capacity versions available.

Makers / Dispensers of Countertop Ice

These tiny machines are commonly encountered in healthcare settings and may also distribute water. Despite having a tiny bin, they can generate up to 181 kg of ice each day, making them an excellent little commercial ice producer. They also typically provide nugget ice, which is simpler to eat.

How Can You Keep Your Ice Machine Last Longer?

Having the proper water treatment system provides several benefits. For example, acquiring outstanding quality for your products, whether they be juices, coffee, tea, or ice from an ice machine. The highly treated water gives your beverages a delicious taste of ice that sparkles. You will gain your customer’s trust.


knlk Choose The Best Ice Machine


The Benefits of Building a Water Treatment Plant?

  • Because of the lack of particles, the ice becomes hollow, melts fast, and is hazy or has a poor flavor.
  • Your equipment will operate at peak efficiency, resulting in less downtime and lower operating expenses.
  • Energy Conservation More savings come from using less energy.
  • It simplifies and reduces the cost of water management more than ever before. As your one-stop shop for bespoke water treatment solutions. You can rely on our specialists and a network of service partners to assist you with your water consumption equipment requirements.

How Should You Clean an Ice Machine?

It is best to maintain the ice machine regularly and keep it clean and dry. Here are several manual cleaning steps:

  • Remove the ice maker from the power supply and disassemble it.
  • Empty the tank of any residual water and thoroughly clean and sanitize it.
  • To purge the inside of the tank, use a cloth wet with soapy water or diluted chlorine bleach.
  • Remove the drain plug from the tank’s base and cleanse the inside of the tank to remove the soapy water residue.
  • Replace the device and run the icing cycle to remove any leftover detergent.
  • Unplug the machine once more and dry it thoroughly from the interior with a dry cloth.


How To Choose The Best Ice Machine


What makes a commercial ice maker the best?

For industrial ice producers, it’s critical to get one that’s built for the purpose. Most household ice makers lack the capacity and robust features required for commercial settings, which is why you must select an ice maker designed specifically for your needs.

So, what characteristics should you seek in an ice maker for a bar, restaurant, or another business setting?

Daily Ice Creation Amount: To guarantee you always have enough ice to serve your visitors, you’ll want an ice maker that can produce at least 50 pounds of ice every day.

Ice makers must meet industry standards to be used in restaurants and to produce ice for human consumption. Look for ice machines that fulfill all food safety and sanitation standards for business locations. The National Sanitation Foundation should rank your ice maker (NSF).

Water Filtration: Look for ice makers with water purification filters to create clear, fresh-tasting cubes. Impurities in the water should not alter the flavor of your drinks.

Installation Flexibility: Some of the most popular models are available in both freestanding and built-in configurations. Choose the best setup for you, whether you’re using a standalone unit on an outside patio or deck or permanently placing it in a bar.


How To Choose The Best Ice Machine

Final Words

The first step in selecting an ice maker is determining where it will be installed. This will assist you in determining which sort of ice maker will work best in your environment. Because freestanding versions may be erected anywhere, they are an excellent all-around option. However, if you want to save space, a countertop or portable ice maker may be ideal.

Next, think about the type of ice you want to manufacture. If you want to swiftly chill beverages and enjoy snacking on ice, nugget ice is the best option. Clear/gourmet ice is ideal for chilling beverages without diminishing their flavor.

It’s also critical to choose a machine that can make and store enough ice for your needs. If you require a consistent supply of ice every day, pay closer attention to ice production statistics. People who want a considerable volume of ice for special events should pay more attention to the ice machine’s storage capacity.

After you’ve chosen those options, there are just a few additional characteristics to consider. If drainage is an issue, consider a model with a drain pump unless your ice maker will be placed immediately next to a drain. If you want the purest ice possible, you can install an in-line water filter, however, filters aren’t essential if you have a clear ice maker. Look for ENERGY STAR-certified versions to help you save money on your power bill.

Finally, decide on a style. Choosing a classic stainless steel finish is a simple way to coordinate with the aesthetic of other kitchen equipment. Choose a panel-ready ice maker if you want a more customized design. While there is no right or wrong answer in terms of aesthetics, picking a model that complements your décor can make every ice-cold drink that much more pleasant. If you have any more inquiries, please contact our ice machine specialists.


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