How to Choose the Best New Bathroom Sink For Your Home

Home improvement projects are a great way for you to revitalize a room. If you’re thinking of upgrading a room, it’s likely your bathroom makes the list of options. In fact, a bathroom remodel is one of the most popular home improvement projects.

Of course, sometimes you don’t a completely new room. Maybe you love the room and you’re just unhappy with your bathroom sink. Choosing the best bathroom sink when you’ll leave the rest of the room intact can prove a challenge.

It’s a challenge you can meet. Keep reading for our tips on picking a bathroom sink.


Consider the Current Style of Sink

Before you go shopping for bathroom sink options, you should take account of the current sink. Is it a pedestal sink or vessel? Is it a drop-in or undermount?

If you’re just looking for a change in color or want a nicer-looking material, you’ll probably want the same style of sink. It will make bathroom sink installation a much easier process.

Switching out from a pedestal sink to a drop-in sink means getting a vanity, installing it, and reworking the plumbing for the new setup. You may even need sink lifts.

Not familiar with those labor-saving devices? You can head over here for more info.

What Are Your Needs?

For some, a sink upgrade is about practicality. Maybe your old pedestal sink worked fine when it was just you and a significant other. Add a couple of kids to the mix and things get crowded on that pedestal.

So, get specific about what you need from your new sink.

Do you need a deeper sink? Are you looking for more counter space? Are you planning to squeeze a little extra storage out of a vanity?

Pinning down what you need helps you narrow down your options.

Style and Function

You also want a sink that blends well with the rest of the bathroom. No matter how cool that black marble sink looks on a website, it’s not going to mesh well against yellow tiles.

You should also give some thought to wear and tear. One reason why porcelain sees so much use as a bathroom sink material is that it’s durable and stain-resistant.

Fireclay, by contrast, doesn’t do well with impacts and it stains in time. That makes it an excellent option for a master bathroom, but not so great for a bathroom where a teen might dye their hair on a regular basis.

Choosing Your Bathroom Sink

A new bathroom sink can inject new life into your bathroom, but you need the right bathroom sink. Take into account what you already have, because replacing it with something similar will prove easier.

Consider your needs. If your old sink isn’t working out, what must your new sink provide that will solve that problem.

Finally, consider the style and function. A sink that clashes and won’t hold up to the wear and tear will only end up frustrating you.

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