How to Choose the Best Roofing Company to Service Your Home

The roofing contract industry is expected to increase by 3.8% every year. However, low barriers to entry mean that while the sector grows more poor-quality work is on offer. So how do you find the best roofing company for your needs?

With a little research, you can get the best at a reasonable price. Read on as we give tips on how to find the best roofing company in your area.


Insurance and Licenses

Any professional roofing service should have insurance and have licenses. If they do not you will be liable for any damages incurred to the property and for any accidents that occur to workers. Workers Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance are the standard requirements.

In many places, it is a legal requirement for contractors to have state licensing. This shows that the roofing contractor complies with local law and is serious about their work. State licensing also helps regulate and ensure a high-quality service is provided.

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Get a Contract

Everything you ask a roofing service to do should be in writing. This protects you, them, and clears up any confusion. If they won’t provide a formal contract, look elsewhere.

The contract should include start and completion dates, pricing, materials used, and if any subcontractors will be involved. Make sure it also includes the details of any after-care services or clean-up.


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Go Local

There are a number of advantages to choosing a local roofing contractor. Reviews and references are easier to find when a company is local. It can be harder to check on people based a long way off unless they have online reviews.

Less traveling usually means a lower-cost service. Should problems occur you need someone you can call in an instant. Services such as fixing a metal roof leak may need to be done quickly, and you don’t want to wait days for out-of-town companies to be able to get to you.

Get a Warranty

You should be offered two warranties with your roof renovation. One will be for the worker’s craftmanship and the other will be for the materials. A quality company should stand behind both their work and materials with a warranty.

Warranties can come in anything from one year to a lifetime. Short-term warranties can be as good as none at all. Five years and upwards should be the very minimum.

Arrange Payment

Dealing in cash means you are open to possible scams and losing your money. Even worse are cash deals without any contract in place. You will have no evidence or paper trail if things go wrong.

Most companies will ask for a deposit, especially if it is a big job. Make sure you know the deposit and final amount before committing.

Booking a Roofing Company

Now you know how to find a roofing company, begin the search in advance. You won’t have to settle for substandard companies at the last minute.

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