How to Choose the Perfect Window Shutter for Your Home

Windows are among the most fabled and romanticized objects present in our regular lives. Yet, we often fail to appreciate their essence. They are symbolic of separation between the inside and the outside world. But why invest in a window shutter? With a little knowledge under your belt, you’ll understand why you need one and how to choose the perfect window shutter for your home.


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Windows allow the first rays of the sun dawn upon our faces. They provide an outlet to watch the world pass by while we enjoy our morning cup of tea. Again sometimes, windows create a world for us by cutting it off from everything else.

However, we cannot keep our windows open all the time, and there are times when we need some privacy and solace as well. This is why we need to install windows shutters, which we can open or close whenever we want. Here, we’ve come up with some tips on how to choose the perfect window shutter for your home.

Chasing Aesthetics

Shutters add to the aesthetics of windows and allow their beauty to blossom. They can be a significant update from mundane windows to increases privacy, protection, and decoration. However, a little research can bring out the perfect addition that you seek. Before you sign the cheque, here is some information that you need to know.


How to Choose the Perfect Window Shutter


What Difference Does The Position Make?

The first decision is whether you want the shutters on the inside of the window or outside. The interior choice offers you privacy, and you have control over the size and height. However, the exterior choice could provide additional protection against bad weather and high-speed winds. It also improves your house’s appeal. With the positions ready, it is now time to go shopping.


How to Choose the Perfect Window Shutter


A Design For Every Taste

Since this would be an investment that lasts for long, you surely want the ideal design and size that complements your personality and home. The aesthetics on the shutter surfaces arrive in many types with varying functionalities. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Board And Batten

The fashionable design primarily uses pieces of wood placed together sideways and conjoined using another wooden plank placed crosswise. Your window’s dimensions can forge their shape as required. It gives your house a more traditional look, like taking a page from the classics.

  • Louvered

It is a popular choice of window shutters with an array of functions. Overlapping wooden planks placed in succession bring out a countryside vibe to your windows. It provides excellent protection against the weather and brings home some privacy as well as ventilation. The Louvered design could be installed both from the interior or exterior. Typically, the size of planks varies between 1.25″ to 4.5″, and you may add some customized color if you want them to show.

  • Plantation

Leading home magazines cannot get enough of this design. It utilizes wide louvers or angled slats placed with a gap between each piece. The plantation-style allows proper natural light into your home with a mix of aesthetics and functionality.

  • Raised Panel

Raised Panel is an impressive, minimalist design. It is highly functional when it comes to privacy and protection. It incorporates rectangular boxes placed inline, bringing out the feel of fancy kitchen cabinets or doors.

  • Shaker

It is a similar design to the Raised Panel. It is traditional and straightforward, yet heavily favored for its functionality. It uses flat, solid wooden blocks to keep all the light and noise away.

  • Café-Style

If you seek some European inspiration for your house, your windows can have a popular café-style design. Placed on the interior of the window, they cover only the lower half of it. The Plantation style or Louvered or any design you fancy could make up these classy window shutters.

  • Scandinavian

This design draws inspiration from the Board and Batten design and adds a twist to it. It uses thicker wood with an intricately carved mural or motif in the middle.


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  • Rolling

The rolling shutters are not popular choices for the classic look. However, they blend with the modern lifestyle and provide excellent protection against rain, storms, and dust. They are sturdy and usually made of metal alloys.



Finding the right design for a window shutter is a prolonged process. It could also be an expensive affair costing you close to $1000. Hence, know the dimensions and draw up a budget to make informed decisions regarding the design, shape, and position of the shutters. With a perfect window shutter, you not only decorate your house but also exhibit your personality.

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