How to Choose The Right Bed Size: A Guide to Buying Bed

Comfort furniture is a necessity but buying furniture can be more daunting than it sounds. A bed is a major investment and a heavy piece of furniture, so it can be frustrating if they buy the wrong size and properly have to return it and get live with it. This is why it is important to do your research about bed sizes before heading to the furniture store. Wondering how to choose the right bed size for your bedroom? They are many factors that will determine the size of the bed and we’ll be discussing them in this article today. But firstly, let us look at the various types of bed sizes available in the marketplace today.


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Standard bed sizes 

Twin Single-size bed (75” long and 39” wide)

Also known as a twin bed, this bed provides just the right amount of space for a child or an adult. Although for taller although, we often suggest opting for a bigger size bed or a twin-XL. The twin XL is 5 inches taller with a dimension of 80″ long and 39 inches wide.

Full or Double-size bed (85” long and 54” wide)

The double bed is the most common bed size as it’s big enough to accommodate two adults and can fit in most rooms. Most people used the double bed for furnishing guests’ bedrooms or extra bedrooms as opposed to the master bedroom.

Queen-size bed (80” long and 60” wide)

For couples who might prefer more horizontal space, the queen bed would make a great choice. Not that a queen size bed will more space than a double bed. If you don’t have sufficient floor space, then consider a double bed as it will still provide comfort for two people.

King-size bed (80” long and 76” wide)

A standard king-size bed has the same length as a queen-size bed but has more width. While a California king bed 84″ long and 72 inches wide. If your room is quite spacious, a king-size bed can be the perfect centerpiece. A California bed, however, offers more ample space to two sleepers. This would be a great choice if you have to share the bed with kids and pets. Undecided between queen vs king bed? Discuss your options and seek advice from your furniture store advisor.

How to determine the right size of bed for you

  • Space of your room: One of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a bed is the size of your room. If it doesn’t fit in the space, then it’s of no use to you. Before buying a bed, use a masking tape to mark out where the bed will be placed, take these measurements with you to the furniture store.
  • The number of sleepers: How many people intend to sleep on it? For one sleeper, a double bed gives sufficient room for a good night’s rest. But if you have a large room and want extra comfort, then consider opting for the queen or king-size bed.
  • Your budget: The prices of beds vary greatly depending on the size, style, and quality. Take time out to do some research, make a budget and stick to it. Most importantly, compare prices, don’t buy the first one you see without comparing prices across stores.


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