How to Choose the Right Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

According to the latest cost-vs-value guide, a minor kitchen revamp can yield a 72% ROI when you decide to sell your home.

So, if you’re among the many Americans looking to move on to greener pastures, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home first.

There are many elements you can juggle in your efforts to upgrade your kitchen. Yet, kitchen lighting fixtures are among those that bring the quickest results.

New lighting gives your kitchen a new lease on life and can change its entire appearance at the flick of a switch. Keep reading our kitchen lighting guide to discover how to get it right.


Consider Overhead Lighting First

Overhead enhances natural light from sources like windows and doors in your home and replaces it when night falls.

Pendant lights, fluorescent lights, and semi-flush fixtures are some of the best options for ambient lighting in your kitchen. According to Long View Lighting, recessed lighting works well for uniform illumination in all the busiest rooms of your home.

Depending on the style of your room, you might need different types of light in different areas. For instance, pendant lights are ideal when hung over a kitchen island or dining area.

Bright, even light can help make a small kitchen look bigger while toning the wattage down a bit adds a cozy feel to bigger rooms.


How to Choose the Right Kitchen Lighting Fixtures


Task Lighting for the Finer Details

Task lighting is a type of focused lighting that makes meal prep a breeze. You can use it to illuminate areas where you do the most chopping and slicing to enhance safety and ensure accurate knife action.

Some types of task lighting include countertop lights or LED strip lights fitted under an upper cabinet. They create an even light that lights up your meal prep area and eliminates shadows to ensure safe meal preparation.

It’s also important when you’re measuring ingredients down to the last gram, or working on the finer details of a fancy frosted cake.


How to Choose the Right Kitchen Lighting Fixtures


Kitchen Lighting Fixtures for Layered Appeal

Layered lighting involves working with different shades and types of lighting to boost your room’s best features.

You’ll start your lighting plan by choosing the best overhead lighting, and adding task lighting for areas where you need to focus. Accent lighting serves to highlight decorative features like an attractive backsplash or artwork.

Clever use of layered lighting gets rid of dark, unattractive areas in your kitchen to give it an attractive, balanced appearance.


How to Choose the Right Kitchen Lighting Fixtures


Design Rules

Create continuity by opting for lights that blend in with your kitchen’s overall style. An ornate chandelier will look out of place in a modern kitchen, and boring lights will ruin your carefully thought-out kitchen design.

Working with a lighting expert can help you choose the most impactful types of light to take your kitchen to the next level.


How to Choose the Right Kitchen Lighting Fixtures


Creating Great Spaces in Your Home

Kitchen lighting fixtures aside, you can improve every room in your home using lighting. The right lights help create the mood you’re looking for, as well as add practicality and comfort to your living spaces.

Would you like some more quick and easy tips on how to improve your home’s appearance and value? Keep browsing our blog for all the best information.

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