How to Choose Wall Art Decor for Your Home

Wall art is a great way to add personality and uniqueness to your home or office space. There are many different options and styles available, and the final choice will ultimately come down to personal taste.

Things to consider before looking at wall art options:


1. Choose a focal point:

Select a wall in your home that you would like to be the focal point for your wall art. This could be a large piece or a grouping of smaller complimentary or contrasting pieces.

2. Consider your style:

What type of style do you want your wall art to reflect? Contemporary, traditional, rustic, etc.?


How to Choose Wall Art Decor for Your Home


3. Find the right pieces:

Look for wall art that speaks to you and fits with the style you are aiming for. You don’t have to stick to traditional art either. You could use photos, prints, or even fabric to decorate your home.

4. Consider the colours.

If you are going with a traditional style, you may want to stick with a more neutral palette and a subtler design. For a more modern look, consider using bright complementary or contrasting colours to create balance and harmony in your wall art creation.

5. Determine the size of the pieces.

You want to make sure that your wall art is large enough to fill your space but small enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm it. There are instances where a large piece of wall art in a small room can work well, but in general use the particular size of your room as the starting point.

6. Decide the location of your art.

Once you have decided on an idea for your wall art, it’s time to find the right place for it. You can hang your art in a prominent place, such as over a fireplace mantle, or on any interior or even exterior wall, in the case of metal wall plaques and other metal wall art.

Here are some of our favorite wall art decor ideas:


How to Choose Wall Art Decor for Your Home

Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art is one of the most popular and versatile types of wall art available. It can be used to add a splash of colour and personality to any room, and it’s easy to switch out if you get bored with the look.

Canvas prints are also relatively affordable, which makes them a great option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is typically made from metal alone, but more extravagant pieces can also include the addition of other materials such as wood or glass. There are many different types of metal wall art, so you will have no problem finding the perfect piece to fit your style and space.

Metal wall art is also very durable and can last for many years, both internally and externally.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are a great way to add your own personality and character, interests, and hobbies to any room. There are all sorts of different wall stickers available, from cartoon characters to nature scenes and quotes.

They’re affordable, easy to install, and many are customizable to suit your color scheme. Plus, they can be removed whenever you want without leaving any damage or residue behind. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your home a makeover, wall stickers are the way to go!


We have only scratched the surface of wall art options available, but we hope that we have whetted your appetite to investigate further and create your very own wall art decor display.

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