How to Clean a Condo Like a Pro

Condos are some of the most luxurious properties to own in the United States. Whether you’re exploring condos for sale St Louis-based has to offer, or condos in a smaller part of the United States, one thing is certain – you will need to keep your condo clean after purchasing. Below are some tips you can use to keep your condo clean, so you can enjoy lounging and living instead of scrubbing day in and day out to clean your home.


Invest in a Good Housekeeper

For some people, it’s simply impossible to maintain a tidy home due to their work schedules or caring for children. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a good housekeeper or cleaning services!

Professional home cleaners make the job easy, and allow your condo to sparkle without you having to lift a finger. Look at reviews online or consider word-of-mouth offers so you can find the best housekeeper for your condo and the most affordable price. The average cost of a housekeeper is around $40 to $50 an hour, which is worth the cost to keep your condo clean.

Create a Weekly Schedule

If you want to clean a condo yourself, it’s best to set a weekly schedule with cleaning tasks. For instance, on Monday, when you put on your hair mask, you can clean your shower and the rest of your bathroom. You can then set a different day to focus on the kitchen, and then another day to focus on laundry.

Setting a weekly schedule for cleaning can help you from becoming overwhelmed with cleaning, and can help you develop a routine that’s easy to stick to.


How to Clean a Condo Like a Pro


Clear Out Food ASAP

One thing you should never leave until next week is food waste. Food should be taken out of your condo as soon as possible, since it can attract some of the worst pests like cockroaches.

Fortunately, many condos have garbage disposals in their sinks, and many also have garbage located within the building. You can throw away your food waste knowing it won’t stink up your kitchen or garage, much like it would in a traditional home.

Pay Attention to Windows

Pay special attention to the windows of your condo. Most condos have larger windows that let in light, let in the view, and play a major role in how your condo looks and feels. If your windows are dirty, this could lead to a lack of light in your condo. Cracked and broken windows could also lead to more break-ins, since your window is now compromised.

It’s best to repair any broken windows ahead of time, and incorporate window cleaning into your weekly routine. If you live in a high-rise condo, feel free to clean the inside of your window with glass cleaner. However, never step outside of your condo to clean the outside of your window, and leave that job to professional window cleaners. Your condo’s HOA fees should pay for a professional outside window cleaning service.

Organize Regularly

Another great way to maintain your condo is by organizing regularly. If your space is full of clutter, one of the best ways to organize is by getting rid of junk, selling unneeded furniture, and donating clothes when they no longer fit you.

For condos, you can also invest in space-saving furniture ahead of time to help free up floor space and allow you to use your condo for more activities. Most condos are smaller than traditional homes, and space-saving furniture along with regular organizing can help your condo feel larger and less cluttered.


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