How To Clean A Cultured Marble Sink

Cultured marble is a wonderful material made by mixing marble dust and resin. It is sturdy and non-porous unlike natural stone marble, which is very porous. Cultured marble is often used in showers, sinks, and countertops as it is not as costly as marble. This stone is a hard polymer and has a wonderful radiance. As it is used in showers and sinks, it faces the problem of soap scum accumulation, hard water dots, scratches, and etching. This reduces its sheen and brilliance. Cleaning a cultured marble sink can be a daunting task for many. In this article, we will guide you on how to clean stains from cultured marble sinks.


Common Types of Stains Occurring in Cultured Marble Sinks

  • Hard water stains are one of the most common stains occurring on such sinks.
  • Grease, grime, and sticky dirt accumulate on the surface of the sink and get denser over a period of time.
  • Etch stains occur on using acidic cleaners. These rough surfaces then accumulate more stains, which are tough to remove.
  • Soap scum, soaps, and shampoo spills, oil stains, and food and beverage stains also occur.

Tips to Keep in Mind while Cleaning Cultured Marble Sinks

  • Do not use a hard or abrasive cleaner to clean the surface. You can use a soft-bristled brush to clean the surface.
  • Do not use an acidic cleaner to clean a cultured marble sink. It is best to use a cultured marble cleaner.
  • Clean the sink periodically to avoid dense and stubborn stains.
  • Seal the surface after cleaning to prevent restaining.
  • Do not avoid sealing the surface after cleaning, as sealing only prevents further stains from occurring.

How to Clean Stains from Cultured Marble Sinks?

  • Professional Service

You can hire a professional cultured marble cleaning service from a company. Such professionals have their own patented procedures and high-quality tools and cleaners. Their experts are also high-trained in handling such delicate surfaces.

  • Do-It-Yourself

You can also choose to clean your cultured marble sinks yourself. You need to have high-quality cultured marble cleaners and cleaning equipment to be able to do so properly. Here is a short guide explaining how to remove stains from cultured marble sinks.

Here is How Cultured Marble Sinks should be Cleaned

To bring back the sheen and cleanliness of a dull cultured marble sink, you need to follow a step-by-step procedure. Experts usually follow a systematic method to clean a cultured marble sink.

  • Sink Cleaning Using a Strong Cleaner:

Hard water leaves calcium and magnesium deposits on the surface, which look like white stains. If you have used cultured marble on your sink, you might find all kinds of dirty stains. Food and beverage spills also lead to stains on the surface. Cultured marble sink cleaning, when done with heavy-duty cleaners, helps to get rid of these nasty stains. You need to use cultured marble-approved cleaners to clean the grime, dirt, stains, and etching.

  • Sealing Cultured Marble Sink Using a Clear Topical Sealer:

Sealing cultured marble sinks with a clear topical solvent-based resin sealer will shut all the pores and form a protective barrier on the surface, thereby preventing further staining. After sealing, you can find your cultured marble sink to sparkle with a natural sheen.  If there is grout used to attach the sink to the wall, ensure that you also use a grout sealer to seal the grout separately. This will prevent mold formation on the grout as well.

  • Maintaining a Cultured Marble Sink Using a Maintenance Cleaner:

Even after sealing, you can prevent the superfluous stains and grime from sticking to the top of the surface. Use a maintenance cleaner to remove these superfluous stains.

Do not let your cultured marble sink get deprived of its integrity and sheen. Follow the above steps for thoroughly cleaning and maintaining your cultured marble sink.


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