How To Clean Quartz Countertops Like a Pro

New with your quartz countertops and now wondering or googling “how to clean quartz countertops”? We got you! Most people prefer a sleek kitchen and quartz countertops help in achieving that. Quartz is mostly preferred due to its durability, heat and stain resistance, and how easy it is to maintain it.  Unarguably, countertops are used almost daily in most households. This makes it important to learn how to clean and care for your counter.

Although quartz is durable, it needs care and maintenance to remain in good condition for a long. In this article, we are going to take you through a few things you need to know about maintaining your countertops.


1. How to Clean Quartz Countertops

Cleaning quartz countertops is an easy process as they are easy to clean. You just need warm water, mild soap, and a soft dishcloth, scrub gently and wipe off the excess soap water then rinse out with a soft dishcloth rinsed in clean water. Always make sure you clean your quartz countertop after use to avoid stains.

Spilling food on the countertop is almost inevitable. However, before we even go to depths, cleaning dried food can easily be done by spiling a bit of water around the area. Once the food has soaked completely, you just wipe it out using a soft dishcloth.

If water does not do the magic, or there is still dried food remaining on the countertop, use a razor blade. Place the blade as flat as the countertop to avoid leaving scratches on the quartz countertop.

2. How to Care For Quartz Countertops Daily

Quartz countertops are mostly preferred in the kitchen due to their durability. However, it is advisable to always use trivets or thick materials when placing hot pots and pans on countertops, and quartz is not exempted. High heat can cause discoloration of the resin over time.

You should always use heat-resistant materials if you are using heat-generating countertop cooking appliances.  You can also buy a fire-resistant oven liner and put it on the countertop with a towel under it.

When chopping, dicing or slicing food, always use a cutting board. This is because sharpened knives or blades will leave behind scratches. The scratches create rough surfaces which rob the quartz countertops of their initial glory. Always clean your quartz countertops to ensure they don’t stain. 

3. How to Remove Stains From Quartz Countertops

When working on your quartz countertop and you notice spills of any kind of coffee, fruit juices, tea, or wine, take a soft dishcloth and some warm soapy water to wipe it away. Do not use a scouring pad on the surface of your quartz countertop.

However, if the spills are left for long and they create a stain, mixed baking soda, and some warm water. Pour the mixture on the surface with the stain and let it settle for a few minutes. Using a soft dishcloth, scrub the surface gently then wipe it off.

4. How to Clean White Quartz Countertops


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Whether white or colored, cleaning quartz countertops is almost the same. Always make sure you wipe all the visible spills as soon as possible to avoid stains. When spills are left for so long they can cause permanent stains. It is important to let the people living with you be keen on spills and wipe them immediately.

Always deep clean your quartz countertop at least once per week. While at it use nonabrasive surface cleaner. Spray it generously and leave it to settle for a few minutes before wiping it off. Moreover, just like every countertop, be careful when placing hot pots on the white quartz countertops. A white countertop will show a burn more than a dark-colored countertop.

5. Cleaners You Can Never Use on Your Quartz Countertops

When cleaning your quartz countertops, keep off any temptation of using harsh chemical cleaners. Harsh chemical cleaners could react with the surfacing components on your countertop and cause damage to its fine and shiny finish.

Avoid cleaners that contain bleach, paint cleaners like turpentine, or other caustic components while cleaning your quartz countertops.

6. How To Restore The Sheen On Your Quartz Countertop

Your quartz countertop could have lost its shiny effects and you are wondering how you could bring it back. Well, if you have not been using mild dish soap to clean it, you can use it at this point. It could bring back the shine by getting rid of grease.

Sometimes the problem is a result of the build-up of cleaning products. In that case, using a specialist stone cleaning product that’s meant for quartz would really help.



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