How to Congratulate New Homeowners

Your friends have bought a new house and you want to celebrate them. What a momentous occasion! How can you do this? A gesture to wish congratulations with a small gift can be the perfect way to make new homeowners smile. Check out these cool options for congratulating your friends:


Put together a housewarming basket

If you aren’t quite sure what they may need or would like, you can always put together a housewarming basket full of goodies, so there’s an assortment of things that they may want. Whether it’s a housewarming gift full of sweets or it has the best bath essentials, a gift basket is an easy way to congratulate and celebrate your friends, the new homeowners.


jnkjn Congratulate New Homeowners


Invest in a wine subscription for them

You’ll find that a common housewarming gift is a bottle of wine. You could get them a great bottle from a local wine store. Or, if you want to go all out with their gift, you could invest in a wine subscription that can last them for their first year in their new home. A wine subscription allows them to try new kinds of wine throughout the year, so it’s certainly a fabulous gift to help them enjoy their first year at their new home.

Whether you look online and find a great wine subscription option like Winc or Naked Wines or even get a monthly subscription from your local wine shop, most people who enjoy wine will love a housewarming gift like this one. If you aren’t prepared to give a full subscription, there are some options for shorter subscriptions. Most of them can be easily canceled as well.


Congratulate New Homeowners


Order personalized glasses for their favorite drink

Whether your friends love scotch or whisky, or they prefer a bottle of red wine or rose, another fantastic housewarming gift may be glasses for their preferred drink. Take the gift a step further by getting their names engraved on the glasses.

It’s quite easy to find options online for glass engraving. ZEngravings provides services for glass engraving. Whatever kind of glass set that you choose to buy, consider also gifting a bottle of their favorite drink to accompany it.


Congratulate New Homeowners


Give your friends some plants

Most people love to incorporate plants into their home décor. From a bouquet of flowers to cacti, plants can be a beautiful way to congratulate your friends while providing them with something that can help to spruce up their home.

It could be a plant subscription where they get new plants every month or maybe a few beautiful plants from the local garden store. If you know your friends love gardens or plants, you can be sure that this gift will be well-received.


lmk Congratulate New Homeowners


Gift a cheese board set

A beautifully crafted cheese board set can be the perfect gift for new homeowners. You can include dried fruit and nuts, cured meats, pita bread, and cheeses of all kinds, even stinky ones. For example, Feta cheese is one of the finest cheeses. The texture is soft, creamy, crumbly, and salty. There is something special about Greek Feta that makes people like it so much, especially when paired with a bottle of champagne or red wine at their housewarming party. Plus, a cheeseboard is the gift that keeps on giving, and can be used for many more nights of celebration in their home.

They may have the basics for their kitchen, but little extras for hosting parties are always welcome as housewarming gifts.


Congratulate New Homeowners


In Conclusion

Don’t overthink it—you know your friends well. Give them something you know that they’d be happy to use in their home, whether it’s as simple as a funny doormat or it’s a set of fancy wine glasses. Buying a new home is a monumental occasion, so show them how much they have to be proud of by giving them a gift you know they’ll love. It could be a funny housewarming gift or something fancy—either way, it’s the thought that counts.

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