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How to Create a Moss Wall: A Homeowner’s Guide

Have you been trying to figure out how to fill up a blank wall in your home for the longest time now? If you still aren’t sure what you should put on the wall, you might want to consider the possibility of turning it into a moss wall.

A living moss wall will look absolutely stunning when it’s all finished. It’ll also provide you with a long list of benefits, as it can be used to improve the air quality in your home, lower your stress levels, and even bring down your energy bills in some cases.

Before you start trying to piece together an indoor moss wall, though, you should make sure that you know how to do it. Moss walls can turn into a huge mess on you if you’re not careful.

Are you ready to create a DIY moss wall from scratch? Here is how you can get the job done so that you don’t have to stare at a blank wall in your house anymore.


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(Image credit: Artisan Moss)


Gather the Right Materials to Create a Moss Wall

To create a moss wall, you’re obviously going to need to get your hands on enough moss to cover your desired wall. But that isn’t going to be the only thing that you’ll need to bring a moss wall to life.

In addition to moss, you’ll also need to obtain the following materials for your moss wall:

  • A frame that is cut to fit around the edges of your wall
  • Enough plywood to cover your wall
  • A staple gun
  • Additional accessories for your moss wall (more on these later!)

You shouldn’t start trying to construct a moss wall until you have everything listed here. It’ll help you create the perfect moss wall for your home.

Hang Up the Plywood and Frame for Your Moss Wall

Once you’re done getting together the supplies you’ll need for your moss wall, you can begin to put them all together. You should start by hanging up enough plywood to cover your wall and then sticking a frame around it.

You should attach your frame directly to your plywood so that they’re able to stand strong in the coming years. You don’t want to cut any corners during this part of the process and prevent yourself from being able to hang moss from your wall.


How to Create a Moss Wall: A Homeowner's Guide

(Image credit: Artisan Moss)


Start Sticking Moss to the Wall

Hanging up plywood and a frame for your moss wall isn’t going to be the most exciting thing in the world. But the good news is that, after you finish doing that, you’ll have a blast putting the moss itself up.

You should take the moss that you’ve secured and strategically apply it to your plywood so that it looks fantastic when you’re finished. You can stick it to your plywood using your staple gun or a hot glue gun if you would like.

It would probably be a good idea to get someone to help you stick moss to the wall since you’re going to want to adjust it accordingly. They’ll be able to help you see how different designs will look so that you can settle on the one that you like the most.

Mix in Some Accessories to Make a Moss Wall More Interesting

If the only thing that you want to hang on your moss wall is moss, you’re more than welcome to take that approach to creating it. But you might want to liven things up by adding some other accessories to the mix.

For example, you can mix in some dried wood to really make your moss pop once it’s up on your wall. You can also throw in some fake flowers to add some hits of color to your moss wall. You should feel free to make your moss wall your own by designing it however you would like.


How to Create a Moss Wall: A Homeowner's Guide(Image credit: Artisan Moss)


Work to Maintain Your Moss Wall Over Time

When you get to this point, your moss wall should be ready to go. You’ll be able to begin enjoying all of the benefits that it can provide for you.

You will, however, need to work to keep the moss on your moss wall alive as you move forward. If you don’t do anything with the moss, it’ll only be a matter of time before it starts to die off on you.

Fortunately, maintaining a moss wall is pretty simple and straightforward. The only thing you should have to do is spray it with a water bottle every so often. This will give the moss what it needs to continue to flourish.

Hire a Company to Create a Moss Wall for You If You Need Help

Are you having a difficult time wrapping your head around the idea of building your own moss wall? We don’t blame you one bit! Not everyone has a green thumb when it comes to these things.

Rather than taking the DIY approach to designing a moss wall, you might want to Google “moss wall near me” and find a company that can help you out. You should look for an experienced company that knows how to create gorgeous moss walls in homes.

Or, if you want a company to make you a moss wall in your office, Googling “moss wall for office” instead might be a better idea. It’ll allow you to track down a company you can trust to put the finishing touches on a moss wall for your business.


How to Create a Moss Wall: A Homeowner's Guide(Image credit: Artisan Moss)


You’ll Love the Way That a Moss Wall Looks When It’s All Finished

It might take you a little bit of time to create a moss wall. But once it’s all done, you’ll be blown away by how beautiful that it looks.

You’ll also love the way that it makes your whole home or office feel. There will be a newfound energy present that didn’t exist before. It’ll make you glad that you decided to turn a blank wall into a moss wall.

Get more practical tips on adding unique design touches to a home or business by reading through the rest of the articles found on our blog.

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