How to Create an Ideal Bedroom Ambiance for Sound Sleep?

There are many sayings about finding sleeping comfort in your bed. But besides that warm feeling of being in your safe cocoon, is there a way to experience better sleep relaxation in your bedroom?

Sleeping peacefully has become a daunting task for many people, even after staying at their own homes. Such is its impact on society that more than 10 to 30% of the world’s population suffers from sleep deprivation. Regardless of age and gender, insomnia has affected many people around the world.

This drags people towards creating a perfect and cozy environment for their bedroom. A perfect ambiance plays a significant role in deciding the quality of living and sleep for you. Therefore, all interior elements used in your bedroom should be chosen wisely.

If you have been juggling with the same issues, check out how you can improve the ambiance of your bedroom that leads to quality life and sleep.


Ideal Bedroom Ambiance


Choose pillows and mattresses wisely –

When it comes to buying mattresses and pillows, people often fall for the cost-effectiveness factor. It may be a smart approach to managing your budget, but then it may take a toll on your comfort level. Choose a mattress or pillow that is ideal for your sleeping style and body weight. Analyze the comfort of your stomach, back, and sides when considering sleeping style. The more you keep your spine well aligned, the more sound your sleep is going to be.


  • Side sleepers – Should look upon soft to medium memory foam mattresses. Prefer pillows that come with medium height and fit between your shoulders and neck appropriately. The goal is to keep your spine straight while you sleep.
  • Back sleepers – Should consider medium firm memory foam. Another good alternative is latex mattresses. As far as the pillows are concerned, they should be soft and prevent the neck from arching. The pillows should allow the spine to lie straight.
  • Stomach sleepers – They should consider bodyweight as a prominent aspect of choosing the right mattresses and pillows. A stomach sleeper with average or underweight can go for hybrid mattresses or medium firm memory foam. They should choose thin pillows to keep their back and neck well aligned. This will help you avoid unnecessary upward arching and back pain.

Choosing an appropriate size of mattresses is the key to a comfortable bed. If you are a feng shui follower, avoid falling over king-size beds – as they are large enough to divide you and your partners while creating a chasm in your intimate life. Additionally, feng shui recommends sturdy wooden headboards that promote better head strength and bed reliability.


How to Create an Ideal Bedroom Ambiance for Sound Sleep?


Some necessary bedding care and maintenance hacks tailored for you –

  • Most people may consider cleaning bed sheets a hassle, but that’s a necessary hygiene practice. Therefore, wash your bedding at least once a week. Clean mattresses and pillows are good to ensure a sound sleeping experience.
  • If the bedding is old enough to be replaced, don’t delay it. Thinking how to figure out if it’s old to be replaced or not? Well, if you wake up with back pain, see sagging or stains, it’s time to replace it. Usually, this happens after 7 years or so, based on the quality of the mattresses. Besides, don’t forget to replace the pillows after every 2 years for a good sleeping experience.
  • If you want your mattresses to last long, invest in a hypoallergenic cover for mattresses. This should fit your bed correctly to protect it against bacteria, dust, and stubborn stains.


Position of the bed –

As per feng shui, the ideal position of the bed is far away from the door. This position is preferable to allow the free flow of positive energy throughout the room. According to a practical point of view, this bed position balances light and noise in the bedroom.

If we go by the feng shui bed positions, the bed towards the door represents the ‘death position’; therefore, it should be avoided at all points. This position is believed to exhaust all your body energy and life force.

Eliminating the clutter –

Decluttering your place is the secret to fostering a sense of calmness in the room. It is one of the main principles of feng shui that leaves a positive impression on the bedroom. Mess in the room represents unfinished business making things worse for you in life. The more you keep your room clean and tidy, the more you get closer to positivity and calmness.


How to Create an Ideal Bedroom Ambiance for Sound Sleep?


Choose the best colors for the bedroom –

Colors represent your emotions and overall mindset. Therefore, brands consider colors as an eminent factor for their ventures. It’s all about understanding color psychology, which relates to the bedroom as well. The selection of the correct color combination is enough to spread calmness and relaxation throughout the room.

  • Darker rooms tend to make the room look small and stuffed with negative energies. Claustrophobics may not feel comfortable sitting in a dark room.
  • Prefer pastel colors as they are neutral or earth-based, releasing the calming essence you desire in your bedroom. Moreover, feng shui says it’s an ideal way of enhancing yin energy in the bedroom.
  • When using more than one color in your bedroom, consider a good color blend or pallet. Contrasting colors are highly recommended to add a well-finished grace to the home interior. All in all, the color selection should ensure a calm feeling for your eyes.


How to Create an Ideal Bedroom Ambiance for Sound Sleep?


Scents for the bedroom –

You may not believe in the perks of aromatherapy, but it works to calm your soul and give a room a relaxing ambiance. Scented candles are the best way to lighten the space while ensuring a pleasant scent making you feel good. Research shows lavender oil or scented candles are ideal for improving the ambiance of your bedroom, balancing the skin temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure, etc.

Takeaway –

Sleep can turn into a significant trouble-maker for your peaceful life. Thus, it’s essential to ensure a comfortable bedding space at your home. And that’s possible when you are planning for a soothing bedroom ambiance.


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