How to Create Outdoor Living Spaces on a Budget

Coming out of the pandemic, home improvement projects continue to surge. A recent survey showed that 4 out of 10 homeowners say they plan a major project this summer. But it can be easy to spend lots of money on such improvements. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to create outdoor living spaces on a budget. The information below will walk you through some easy ways to make updates without breaking the bank. Keep reading for free and cheap outdoor living plans and ideas.


Tidying Up

Doing some work in garden areas or plant beds is a simple (and free) way to improve outdoor living spaces on a budget. You can breathe new life back into your yard by removing dead leaves, debris, and weeds. Adding some inexpensive mulch can go a long way towards making things look better.

The same goes for your deck, patios, walkways, and fences. Use a garden hose or mild pressure washer to clear off dirt or mold that has accumulated.


Planting flowers can be a cheap way to lighten up your backyard. You can do a raised bed or add potted plants to small outdoor living spaces.

For an added benefit, select flowers that attract beneficial insects and birds. Research indigenous flowers in your area that will naturally attract butterflies, hummingbirds, ladybugs, or other animals that can rewild” your yard.

Caring for your lawn is a simple way to improve outdoor spaces as well. Pick up bags of grass seed and fertilizer at your local home improvement store. If you are worried about not knowing what you’re doing, you might consider hiring a landscaping company. Reputable ones will have plans that can meet any budget and get your yard headed in the right direction.


Outdoor Living Spaces


Add Furniture

If you have older outdoor furniture but don’t have the budget to go out and replace it all, there are a few alternatives for you. First, cleaning off the dust or pollen with a garden hose is an easy task. For furniture with faded or chipped paint or corrosion, putting a fresh coat of paint on can go a long way.

Adding furniture to outdoor living spaces can make them more comfortable for entertaining. And you don’t have to purchase high-end pieces designed to withstand the elements. Pick up used furniture, especially for covered areas, like porches or under gazebos.

Fire pits can be a nice touch to an outdoor living space as well, but they come in a range of options and price points, and can be expensive to have installed. DIY fire pits can be relatively inexpensive though.

You can find everything you need at your local hardware store. Stones, cement, one bag of sand, and another of lava rocks can come in under $100. You may even want to forego cementing it in place, in case you choose to move it to another location in the future.

Improve Outdoor Living Spaces on a Budget

Now that you have some ideas on how to improve outdoor living spaces on a budget, you can get to work on yours. Remember that you don’t have to do it all at once. Spreading projects out over months can itself help limit the impacts on your budget.

We hope this information was helpful to you. If so, be sure to check out our other posts on contemporary living. We cover everything from interior design and real estate to travel and gardening.



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