How to Declutter Your Home: 5 Creative Decluttering Tips

Without doubts, clutters will make your home feel less comfy and look even smaller. Whether you can’t walk into a room in your house without tripping, or you want to do some spring cleaning, or decorating, decluttering your home is the perfect way to make your home feel more comfortable and stylish. If things around your home aren’t stored properly or if you have too many things probably don’t even need, maybe it is time to make some changes. Read on for tips on how to declutter your home and keep it organized.  

Due to the unfortunate events occurring in the world today, life as we know it has been altered completely. It is a requirement to practice social distancing, stay at home, work from home if possible, and self-isolate if you have symptoms to manage the spread of COVID-19. What better time to declutter, reorganize your space, and box up those items you never use right?


tl How to declutter your home


If you’re going to spend all day and night in your home, you might as well make it as comfy as possible. Besides, it’s one way to get rid of exercise and make better use of your free.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be dreadful as some make it out to be, there are numerous benefits of decluttering. Here are some benefits of decluttering.


The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

There are many benefits of decluttering your home and life, from the practical, everyday things that make life easier, to the life-changing way it can alter your view of the world. Here are a few!

Makes and saves money: Decluttering involves keeping the home minimal by getting rid of unwanted items. After decluttering, it might surprise you how many items you never use. You can make extra bucks by selling unwanted items on sites like eBay. You will also save money by being more conscious about your future spending when you buy only the items you need.

Creates more space: Ever felt like you have overgrown your home? Well, you’ll be surprised how much space you can create by decluttering. Getting rid of items you don’t need can totally transform your home. Decluttering makes your home easier to redecorate. Get affordable decor for your entire home at Ladybug Junction and give each space a new use.

Boosts creativity and productivity: Most people find it difficult to concentrate when they are surrounded by clutter, such a trying to work from a disorganized or messy work desk. Clutter can have a negative impact on one’s ability to focus. Decluttering increases concentration levels and helps boost creativity.  

Less cleaning: Cleaning of already enough of a chore, there is no denying that when your home and life are cluttered, cleaning is easier as there is less stuff to deal with.


5 Creative Decluttering Tips

Decluttering your home can be a massive undertaking, that can be too daunting to follow through or even attempt. But not to worry, to help you get started on your decluttering journey, we have come up with 5 creative decluttering tips that can help you take control of your space in no time.

  1. Set a goal

 Start with a plan, make a specific and reasonable goal. Visualize what you want your space to look like, and how you’re going to achieve it. Find a decluttering schedule that works for you.

The best way to plan effectively is to start with one room at a time, for instance, depending on the size of your space, set a couple of days to declutter your living room, next to your bedroom, and so on. Consistency is key, you can even declutter your space by committing as little as 5 mins a day. 

  2. Sort through your things

 Look through everything and decide what stays and what goes. Although, letting things go is not for the faint-hearted, especially clothing items if you’re indecisive- sleep on it. Considering storing some unwanted items if you really do not want to trash, donate, sell, or give them away.

One creative way to do it is to be prepared with three different boxes, a box for the things you’ll store, a box for the things you’ll keep in the storage, and a box for things you’ll get rid of. 


How to declutter your home


  3. Reorganize your space

 After sorting through your things, put everything you have decided to keep back in its logical place. This is also a good time to discover creative ways to utilize your space.

Organize your clothes by how often you wear them, and the types of clothes they are. Invest in shoe racks, bookshelves, store your books on the shelves vertically, and organize the books based on the genre and time period.

Clear off flat surfaces (e.g. counter, coffee table, shelves) as they are clutter magnets. If you need to keep a few items on the counter, that’s okay, but make it a goal to free up flat surfaces of most clutter. 

  4. Enlist the help of a family member or friend

Decluttering is so much easier and even fun with the help of others. Have a friend or family member walk through your home and suggest a handful of items to get rid of, especially those that take up too much space.

Ask for a second opinion on the things you want to keep if your friends or family don’t agree with you on the reasons why then maybe it’s time to get rid of it. 


How to declutter your home


  5. Maintain a decluttered home

Now, you have put on all that effort to declutter your home. In other to maintain a clutter-free home, enlist the help of people you live with to help you maintain it.

Set a household rule that encourages cleanliness, for instance, all dishes should be washed right after they’re used, all shoes kept on the shoe rack, certain toys can go only in certain rooms, and so on. Avoid buying items more you don’t need, especially large ones.

Clean your home often and consider giving one old item each week, as it is an effective trick that will help you continue to declutter weekly. 


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