How to Decorate the Entryway to Your Home

Are you fed up with your foyer? Does your entryway look exhausted? Then it might be time to start some home improvements. Your entryway is your house’s chance to make a good first impression. It should be beautiful, cozy, inviting, and scream “welcome home!” at everyone who walks in. Living rooms and kitchens are easy to decorate. But since it is such a small space, where do you start with foyer decorations? This guide will give you some entryway decor ideas to help you on your way.


Choose a Wallpaper or Paint That Pops

One of the simplest ways to revamp your entryway is to make a statement with your wallpaper or wall paint. It will add personality to your house and make an otherwise plain space exciting in an instant.

Choose a patterned wallpaper that complements your home decor taste such as leopard print, palm trees, or geometric shapes. If it is super bold, only apply it to one wall. Choose a complementary paint color for the other walls.

For example, dark teal will match palm tree wallpaper and cream will match leopard print.

Put the Fun in Functional With Stylish Storage

What makes a functional entryway depends on your lifestyle. If you have space, a good entryway might have:

  • Coat hooks
  • Chairs or a bench
  • Shoe storage
  • Umbrella stand
  • Mirror
  • Bowl or table for keys

You do not need to have enough storage for all your shoes, but space for guests’ shoes is ideal. There are plenty of benches you can buy that offer shoe storage underneath.

Though you should think about entryway decorating ideas with functionality in mind, they can still be fun. Choose coat hooks in animal designs or intricate wood-carved ones.

You could also have a lot of fun choosing a mirror. Choose a delicate antique-style mirror, one with a bright frame, or a circular mid-century piece.

Not only is a mirror practical, but entryways are often small and it will make this part of your house feel bigger.

How to Decorate the Entryway


Select a Statement Rug or Doormat

Choosing a rug for your entryway will make your house seem so much more inviting and cozy. If you chose a busy wallpaper print, opt for a non-patterned jute rug.

But if you have clean walls, you may want to check out Samad Rugs who have tons of rugs available in eye-catching vibrant prints.

A doormat is a must-have for wiping muddy boots. You could opt for a simple plain colored doormat or one with a greeting like “welcome home.” Or, you could order a personalized doormat with your family name. Choose a doormat that compliments your style and personality.

It is the first thing people see in your house, after all.

Whether you decide on a doormat, rug from rug store San Francisco, or both, they have to be hardwearing. You do not want to replace a rug after six months!

Say “Welcome Home!” to Your New Entryway

Many homeowners neglect or overlook their entryway when redecorating. But there is no better welcome home after a long day at the office than a stylish, inviting, and functional foyer.

It will lift your mood and no doubt make all your guests jealous. Win-win!

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