How to Design a Modern Bedroom

The bedroom should be your safe haven. You should be able to sit back, relax and feel peaceful in the room. Unfortunately, all too often, our bedrooms become a dumping ground for dirty laundry and miscellaneous items. It’s time to make a change and redesign your bedroom. A modern bedroom looks clean and polished with the perfect cosy atmosphere.

Here are a few simple tricks to turn your chaotic bedroom into a modern oasis.


Use neutral colours

It’s all about the neutral colour palette in modern bedrooms. You need whites, creams and pastels to brighten up the space and welcome natural light in. Try to avoid overusing cool whites or your bedroom may end up feeling clinical rather than modern.

Fresh colours make your bedroom feel clean and calming. If you’re unsure of how to decorate your bedroom, simple is the best way forward so try to remember that less is more in this instance.

Try to find bed sheets, throw pillows and blankets in neutral colours as well to match the theme. Keep everything light and airy instead of dark and cramped. When it comes to curtains, chose blackout styles so you can still get a great night’s rest but opt for lighter colours to keep that natural light flowing.


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Incorporate smart technology

Smart technology can make a huge difference in your bedroom. Smart appliances add a little luxury to the room and make daily tasks so much easier. You can customise your lighting to whatever colour you fancy that night – from blue to orange. You could install smart switches so you can turn the lights down or off through voice or app control.

If you need a caffeine fix to get going, try a smart coffee machine on your bedside or dresser table. You can set the machine to make coffee as soon as you wake up. Talk about the dream set-up, right?


Minimalist trends

The minimalist trend is still going strong, and for a good reason. Declutter your belongings and only keep the items you absolutely need. Go through your wardrobe and create a capsule collection of around forty items. Install fitted wardrobes to store your clothing and make the room look beautifully seamless.

Store all your seasonal pieces in vacuum bags and put them in the loft or under your bed. You can see everything in your wardrobe and get dressed much more quickly in the morning. Result!


How to Design a Modern Bedroom


Choose a statement piece

You need a statement piece of furniture in your bedroom, like a four-poster bed or ornate dresser. It will be the room’s focal point and draw attention away from any messier areas, like your bedside table. On the other hand, your bedroom might feel a bit plain and empty if you love to declutter. A statement piece can bring a bit of character into the room and make it feel more homely.

Remember that your bedroom is your space to relax and unwind, so if you’d prefer aspects of the modern style rather than a whole room featuring it then just incorporate a few pieces or ideas.



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