How to Design and Prepare a Whimsical Baby Girl Nursery

Whimsical is more than just a term used to describe a children’s room. You are going for a specific look and feel when you set out to create a whimsical baby girl nursery. You do not need to spend a lot of money, as you would when investing in cardiac recovery or a vehicle rental company, to have the whimsical baby girl nursery of your dreams. Follow these tips for success!


Tip #1: Determine a Theme

“Whimsical” basically means playful. Such a broad spectrum could leave you confused and quite overwhelmed in the children’s furniture store.

Determining a theme for your whimsical baby girl nursery is the first step to designing the space of your fantasy. Perhaps, you want to create a playful space based on a children’s film. Maybe you are thinking more along the lines of nature. Plants living harmoniously with animals can be fun in more ways than one.

Some parents search through design magazines when looking for the ideal theme. While you may not want to choose the exact ambiance that a designer from a magazine selects, you can get a better idea of what works and, perhaps, what should be left behind after taking in a professional’s perspective.


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Tip #2: Select a Color Palette

No, you should not just choose any bright color for your whimsical baby girl nursery. You would not, after all, choose any locksmith you could find to upgrade your door locks.

A whimsical baby girl nursery deserves attention to detail from start to finish. As such, the ideal space has a collection of colors that, when put together, delivers a beautiful finished product.

Pastel colors are great options despite what some believe. Many parents stay away from lighter shades of paint because of the false belief that such colors do not exude the notion of playfulness. You do not, however, have to match the bold colors you see at the circus to deliver an atmosphere of fun that is your whimsical baby girl nursery.

In many cases, combining a light yellow with another color that can stand on its own sends the message that the idea of the room is to create a fun atmosphere. You may also choose a palette of various shades of the same color, which gives you the opportunity to accessorize in other ways.

Tip #3: Textiles Come Before Paint

Yes, you should have a palette idea in mind for your whimsical baby girl nursery. You should not, however, purchase the paint before buying the textiles for the room.

The ideas you have in mind for your whimsical baby girl nursery are always subject to what is available on the market. You may set out to create a space in which fun shades of animal print are on every aspect of the furniture. The textiles available, however, may lead you to change the focus.

Just as with a major AC repair that brings out more problems with your HVAC unit, nothing is definite when designing your whimsical baby girl nursery. It is easier to change textile ideas than to exchange customized paint.


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Tip #4: Choose a Focal Point

Child support is often the main focus when marriages end. Both the mother and father in the former union want to ensure that the children do not suffer financially because of the breakup. As such, parents tend to battle in court for the best solution.

In the same capacity, a whimsical baby girl nursery must also have a focal point. Most rooms decorate around the crib as such will be the space where the baby spends the most time. You do not have to make the crib your main focus of the room, though.

Some parents think outside the box when designing their baby’s nursery by making the focal point the play area. The reasoning behind such a unique idea to development.

It is certainly true that the baby will spend a lot of time in the crib. The child, however, will eventually grow out of their crib and need a bed fit for a toddler. Your baby will only grow into educational toys, though, which is why some parents make the play area that doubles as a learning center the room’s focus.

Contrary to what some believe, you do not need to place the focal point in the center of the room. Your baby’s whimsical nursery is not a church where everyone surrounds the preacher who delivers the sermon. Your child’s room is meant for living and, thus, may have the focal point in the corner of the room.

Regardless of where your focal point is located, you should make an extra effort to delineate the area as such. Placing emphasis on the focal point is more for your child and less for your guests. Your little one will know that he, or she, should spend more time in the focus area when you build the portion of the room up, so they will notice it first.

Tip #5: Put Energy Into the Ceiling

Some parents are so focused on the furniture and painting the walls that they forget about the ceiling. Babies spend a considerable amount of time on their backs, which means they are constantly looking up at the ceiling. It becomes quite boring for your little one to be forced to look up at a white ceiling throughout his, or her, day.

It may be a good idea to put more time and energy into the ceiling of your nursery. Hiring a professional to paint a mural could keep your child occupied for hours throughout the day and may even help them sleep well at night.

Several studies show that babies do not need much entertainment. A game that resembles bass fishing can keep your little one intrigued for hours. The mural of your choice does not have to be intrinsically involved unless you want to create something that drives your theme home. Otherwise, you can create a tidal wave that, when stared at for several minutes, puts your little one to sleep.


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Tip #6: Go Green

Many do not consider eco-friendliness when thinking of creating a whimsical nursery for their daughter. She, after all, would prefer pink along with toys that may not be as environmentally healthy, you may think.

The amazing part about being a parent is your ability to shape your child during the first five years of her life. What better way to encourage social responsibility than with a nursery that is both whimsical and eco-conscious?

A green nursery does not have to set the standard for the entire home. You may need to maintain a furnace cleaning schedule until you are able to upgrade to a more viable eco-friendly option.

Your green nursery also need not be one that has live plants throughout. It is true that live plants improve oxygen levels in a room. Your baby, however, may attempt to eat the leaves while you are away from the space. You do not want to turn what should be a playful area into a hazard.

Investing in one or two live plants to drive home the point of eco-friendliness is a great way to stress your point from a safe perspective. You should also consider the furniture and products you used to fill your child’s nursery.

Recycled products are the best choice when you are trying to go green. Not only are such items great for the environment, but they are also affordable. There are instances in which parents save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by choosing recycled products over brand new designer goods.

Of course, your mission is to save the planet when you choose to go green. Still, saving money is an additional perk attached to your ultimate goal.

Tip #7: Be Intentional About Your Nursing Station

You do not want to establish the notion of the entire room serving as a place for changing diapers and breastfeeding your child. A nursing station is a designated area in the room specially designed for bonding with your child.

The ideal nursing station can be whimsical with bright chairs and pillows that promote the room’s theme. Parents who want to establish even more one-on-one time with their babies may even choose to make the nursing station an area marked by a blanket on the floor.

You, of course, can create the nursing station to be as intimate or formal as you desire. Having toys in the area, however, is an absolute must as children need something with which to occupy themselves while you change diapers. A bookcase filled with short stories for kids is a great way to begin the unwinding process at night. Nothing puts a baby to sleep quite like a good book.

Tip #8: Use Night Lights To Drive the Point Home

Many children are afraid of the dark and, thus, will not be able to go to sleep with all the lights turned off. Strategically placing night lights throughout the room can help your child feel more comfortable through the night, so you do not have to sleep alongside her in the room.

Night lights can also create a more whimsical atmosphere. Many lights provide a mixture of color and dimness that create the ideal atmosphere for sleeping. The color of lighting you choose may also give a playful look to the room that tells guests that there is space for whimsical living even at bedtime.


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Tip #9: Be Wise and Fashionable About Storage

There is little worse than a room with an evident theme that has random storage containers throughout. You should not drop the ball of creating a whimsical baby girl nursery when it comes to storage.

Large gray containers should not be the go-to option unless you plan to decorate them to reflect the room’s theme. You should also stay away from metal as such could change the overall feel of the room.

Many parents invest in wood storage boxes that give their kids the opportunity to be creative in later years when creating a whimsical nursery. You can also decorate these storage sections if you want to convey the message of a whimsical space before your child is old enough to decorate her own space in such a manner.

You should avoid stackable storage when decorating your baby’s room. She will soon begin to explore the space when she starts crawling and could hurt herself by pulling up on stacked storage containers that are not secure. You do not want our whimsical nursery to turn into a nightmare that requires a visit to urgent care.

What To Avoid

In addition to stackable storage containers, you should also steer clear of bare windows. Dozens of babies die from SIDS every year. While there is no definite cause for such deaths, it is believed that rooms exposed to sweltering heat could increase the risk of babies passing away.

Blackout curtains and blinds that ward off the sun’s rays are ideal in your whimsical nursery. Some parents even choose to decorate their nursery windows with large window covers that absorb the heat and cool the room.

Blackout curtains will likely help your child rest more easily throughout the day. The curtains will also maintain cool temperatures from your HVAC system in the room so that your child can enjoy her time in the space.

While night lights are ideal to get your baby to sleep in the evening, you should not make it a practice to use harsh lighting throughout the day. The best nurseries are those with a balance of natural lights and soft internal lighting.

Fluorescent lights are generally unnecessary in a nursery. Remember that you are trying to create a livable space for your child. The ultimate focus should be on their comfort levels and not on trying to overwhelm the room with cool arrangements and the latest products.

You may be purchasing maternity support hose now. It will only be a matter of time, however, before your bundle of joy is here. Use these tips to create a whimsical baby girl nursery.


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