How to Design the Perfect Bathroom?

From additional storage for towels and toiletries to sleek lighting or a luxury marble shower, there are many ways you can customise your bath to make it more functional, efficient, and stylish. Stumped on where to start your dream bathroom renovation? Here are a few of the most common renovations and where you should start.


Start with the Right Colour Palette

Picture a giraffe with pink spots on a purple background. That looks awkward, right? Unfortunately, your bathroom is no different when it is painted with the wrong theme. 

Although there is no exact science for choosing the best bathroom colour, a close to perfect theme should bring out the ambience, warmness you’ve always wished for. There are lots of bathroom design ideas available but for more bathroom ideas to consider you should review all the info before picking your final choice.


brgt Design the Perfect Bathroom?


Here are some tips to help you choose the best theme for a stylish bath design:

Harness the Power of Odds

Good things still come in threes. Start from scratch and pick either a light or dark colour as your background. Then choose a rich tone that complements it for the biggest splash. Using a colour wheel, find a colour that’s a bit lighter or darker than either of these tones to act as an accent.

As an example, Choose one warm, rich ivory or deep cocoa as your primary colour. The next shade up is your accent, so this is where you can pick something bolder like navy, red, or turquoise—calming shades of blue or green look great as the third colour.

Listen to the Wheels of Colours

Complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel, so pair them for a wow effect. This means red and green is a complementary combination, as is lime and navy. 

Instead of blind guesses, use the wheel to play around with ideas and find perfect matches.

Be Inspired by Nature

If you want to make your bath look more elegant and cosy, go for colours similar to those found in nature. For example, shades inspired by the sea and deep forest green will give your washroom a youthful, energetic, and fresh look. You may also use natural elements such as driftwood or shells to add accents to your bathroom décor.


How to Design the Perfect Bathroom?


Marble Vanities for a luxurious feel

Beautiful marble, granite, and quartz countertops will give your bath a modern and upscale feel. Of course, you, most times, will want to go for plain tiles, but a coloured marble can help spice things up a bit. But, of course, you cannot go wrong with the great colours and earthy tones found in natural marble stones.

Here is what you need to consider when choosing a perfect marble for your bath:


Colour affects the mood of the space. For example, certain shades of marbles (such as blue, teal or green) create a more relaxed feeling, while others (such as red or yellow) create a warm or comfortable environment.

Generally, paler shades will make your small room feel cosy, whereas deeper ones will make it appear smaller and brighter.


Patterns can tie your bath space together. They set the tone and mood in your bathroom. Do you want a causal pyramid or luxurious Marmoleum design? You can start some inspiration by sketching on graph paper and filling in the colours you’ll use with coloured pencils.


Though it is a separate room in the home, the bathroom is still a part of the rest of your home. If your home features more modern decor, a retro bath with Adalia Cappuccino tiles on shower walls may not fit in.


How to Design the Perfect Bathroom?


Bathtubs or Walk-in Shower

When deciding whether a bathtub or a walk-in shower is better, there are many things to consider.

Don’t try to make every decision in the bathroom at once. Instead, focus on just one area at a time. For example, for smaller bathrooms, it might be worth replacing a tub with a shower. Most of the time, most master bedrooms are larger than your standard bathroom. If this is the case in your home, you should be getting excited about installing a bathtub.

Slipper baths are classic and timeless. Choose a slipper bath with claw feet for a traditional look or clean lines for a contemporary feel.

Go Bold on the Decor

The modern bath is daring. It is no longer dull and plain. Instead, the right accessories can transform a bathroom into an elegant and stylish haven.

Lighten up your bath with these delightful extras:

  • Lightings
  • Bath mats
  • Kaleidoscope wallpaper
  • Air-purifiers
  • Hanging shelves
  • Framed Arts
  • Vintage Vase
  • Shower curtain
  • Stylish bathroom Rug



Now that you’re equipped with everything you need to design a stylish bathroom, take inspiration from these easy tips and transform your bathroom into an enchanting oasis.


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