How to Dismantle a Roller Shade

When it comes to window coverings, the softest and most stylish are roller lampshades. However, if you feel like removing them to change or clean them, here are some tips.


Determine the type of shades

You have two types of roller shades. One is of the standard style and the other cassette. The difference is in the railing. To find out what your sis, just take a look above your shade. If the roller does not have an additional skirt, it is standard. But if you see a box skirt at the top, it’s a cassette roller blind. Once you know what style you have at home, you can start disassembling.


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Roll up the blinds and disassemble the cassette

First, raise the blinds to the top to facilitate manoeuvring and avoid damaging the shading device. Some blinds can be removed with your hands simply. Others, on the other hand, often require the use of a screwdriver. If this is the case, each screw must be removed.

Remove the safety clips

Once you have removed the screws, you must keep them well so as not to look for them at the time of reinstallation. Then remove the safety clip that is usually hung on the wall, away from the lower part of your window covering.

If you have a standard roller blind, locate the attachment brackets and remove the lids. On one side you will certainly have a support post for the roller, and on the other side, a clasp or curved lock. You need to lift the lock and gently remove the roller device.


How to Dismantle a Roller Shade


Register all hardware and accessories

Once you’ve completed the maneuver, it’s important to save everything you’ve removed and keep it well. Why? Simply because you may still need it. Maybe you remove your roller blinds just to clean them, so you’ll have to put them back in place. In order not to bring in a technician, it is necessary to list the device in place and the equipment that was used.

Then you need to do the labeling to find out which part this or that screw belongs to. You can put the screws in a plastic bag or in your drawer. If You finally notice that some screws or other parts are damaged, you can take pictures to search in online shops. There are a variety of shops and hardware stores on the internet.

Visit them and find replacement parts suitable for your roller blinds. These are sort of steps to remove your roller blinds. So, don’t spend on anything anymore, because you yourself can do it.


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