How To Ease Your Home Selling Experience In The Holiday Season

The holiday season in Canada is about snow and ice, so you can expect real estate buyers to be dormant. While the weather may keep them indoors, the festive rush is another reason to postpone property viewing plans. But things are different when you dig deeper as the season presents good opportunities for potential buyers.

Competition is less fierce during the winter months as fewer owners market their properties. Moreover, holiday buyers are often more committed to closing deals before the New Year.

If you really want to sell, this could be the best time to showcase your property. But you need to take the right approach to make it flaunt-worthy. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the best price just because the front yard is buried under the snow.

A little work can ease your selling experience despite the challenges of the festive season. Here are some recommendations from Canadian real estate experts to help you sell fast and get good value for your property.


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Know the local market

Winter or summer, you must have a fair idea of the local market when you embark on the selling journey. Think local as you cannot expect the demand, supply, and price trends to be the same in big cities like Vancouver and smaller communities such as Invermere.

Thankfully, studying your local landscape is easy as you can access helpful information on the internet. It is a good idea to talk to an expert or seek advice from someone who has sold a home recently. The better you know the local real estate landscape, the more confident you feel about the deal.

Price to sell

Researching the local market will give you a fair idea of pricing trends for properties. Find prevailing prices for homes, condos, and lots in your area to find the apt quote for your property. If you are serious about selling, ensure that your price is to sell.

An optimal price will make potential buyers feel merry in the festive season. It makes sense to slash your property’s rates before listing it rather than making small reductions down the line. You are more likely to get a better deal and sell quickly with this approach.

Hire a dependable real estate agent

The last thing you must do as a seller is to take a DIY approach. Collaborating with a real estate agent is essential to handle the nitty-gritty of the deal. If you want to put up invermere real estate for sale, hire a seasoned agent who operates in the local market.

When selling during the holidays, look for someone dependable. You require an agent who won’t disappear during Christmas or New Year because it could mean missed chances. Seek recommendations for an agent who will ensure that you seal the deal at the earliest. You may look for one online and read reviews to finalize the selling partner.

Look for motivated buyers

Listing your house during the holiday season means you can expect fewer buyers to turn up. But you need not give up hope because most of them have good reasons for looking around for deals. Potential buyers may have plans to relocate to your area, or they may want to invest before tax deadlines.

If you take the right approach, you can actually get information about their intentions behind buying right now. It can give you a fair idea about genuine prospects, and you can go the extra mile to chase them. You can rely on an experienced agent to find such motivated buyers for the property.


How To Ease Your Home Selling Experience In The Holiday Season


Showcase top-notch photos

Winter isn’t the best time for showings because the weather outside is daunting. Most buyers prefer to start house hunting online as it is much easier to explore options from the comfort and warmth of their homes. Since they will browse listings on the internet, you must have something impressive to show.

High-quality photos can do the trick for making a great first impression. The best bet is to show summer and spring pictures of the property. It will look bright and beautiful when the weather is sunny. Have plenty of pictures of your living space and the outdoors.

Create a video tour

Great pictures go a long way to impress potential buyers, but you can go one step ahead with quality videos. You can present a full video tour of the house from the inside out to give them a fair idea. It can go a long way in convincing prospective buyers because they may not want to drive in a snowstorm.

Video tours are even more relevant in pandemic times when people want to limit viewings and prefer to keep them only for the last stages of the deal. A professional video shoot is a worthy investment if you are committed to selling in the holidays.

Make curb appeal a priority

Showcasing pictures and videos online can help you pull the buyer traffic to your home. But you have to make sure that the place looks sales-worthy when people start dropping in. Everything starts with a good curb appeal because it gives the first impression to a visitor. Maintaining the exterior is crucial because bare trees and snow-covered grass aren’t selling points.

They may even dissuade the visitor about the deal. You can address the concern with measures to enhance the curb appeal. A paint touch-up gives you a good start, while clean gutters, driveway, and yard do the rest. Also, ensure that the stairs and walkways are free of ice and snow so that visitor safety is not a concern.

Once the potential buyers step in, a clean, warm, and welcoming ambiance can do the rest to get them closer to a deal. You can deck the halls for the festivities but take a minimal approach.

Going overboard can crowd the space and distract visitors. Finally, relax because the New Year is just around the corner. Even if you do not close a deal during the holidays, you have good chances of sealing it a few days later.

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