How To Extend The Life of Your Residential Shingle Roof

The average home has a number of vital systems in place. Important components like a home’s roof will need to be properly maintained to stay functional. A roof that isn’t provided the proper amount of care will be both unreliable and short-lived.

Working with professionals like roof repair Bucks County, PA is crucial when trying to limit the damage a leak or missing shingles can cost. These professionals can also provide you with help and guidance regarding how to make your shingle roof last longer. Are you trying to extend the life of your residential shingle roof? If so, here are some things you need to focus on.



Keep a Watchful Eye On the Trees Around Your Home

In the past 30 years, weather and climate disasters have caused over $2 trillion worth of damage. Severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can do a lot of damage to your home’s roof. As the owner of a residential property, one of the main objectives you should have is mitigating the risks posed by bad weather events.

The high winds that are common during severe storms can turn overgrown limbs into battering rams. If you have trees surrounding your home, then you need to keep the limbs on these trimmed. Allowing these limbs to hang over your home is a recipe for disaster. The best way to ensure trees are trimmed correctly is by hiring an experienced tree service. These professionals can get this job done quickly and safely.

Replace Old Insulation

Reducing the cost of monthly energy bills is usually something the average homeowner is passionate about. Old and worn insulation not only allows air to escape, it can also create problems for your roof. The asphalt shingles that make up your home’s roof can decay rapidly when exposed to constant heat. If hot air makes it past your old insulation, it will directly affect your roof.

This is why you need to inspect your insulation regularly and take action when issues are discovered. If you are unsure about what type of replacement insulation you need, then seeking out professional advice is a good idea. Selecting quality insulation for your home’s attic can help you conserve energy and extend the life of your roof.

Professional Roof Inspections Are Vital

Getting an annual assessment of how your roof is holding up can help you stay one step ahead of serious repair issues. The average homeowner’s knowledge of shingle roofs is relatively limited. This lack of knowledge can prevent a homeowner from finding roofing problems during a routine inspection. Rather than overlooking shingle problems, you need to enlist the help of an experienced contractor.

Having your roof inspected a few times a year by a knowledgeable roofing contractor is vital. If the contractor you’ve hired finds shingle problems during this inspection, they can fix them before extensive damage is done.


How To Extend The Life of Your Residential Shingle Roof


Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clean

If you want to keep the weight of rainwater off of your roof, then you need to realize the importance of a functional gutter system. Over the winter and fall months, your gutters will be inundated with leaves and sticks. If this debris isn’t removed, your gutters will overflow. Overflowing gutters can damage both your roof and your home’s foundation.

This is why having your gutters cleaned a few times a year is so important. Professionals can clean and inspect your gutters to ensure there are no problems present.

While extending the life of your roof isn’t easy, it is definitely worth the work you invest in. By implementing these tips, you can keep your residential roof functional for years to come.


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