How to Find Inspiration for Your Next Home Reno Project

The past couple of years have seen a massive increase in home renovation projects. Lots of people have found themselves with some spare time and a bit of inspiration.

But if you’ve been wanting to start something but don’t quite know what or just generally feeling a bit stifled creatively, what can you do to help get the creative juices flowing.

First things first – create a vision board. This helps to get any ideas you have already out of your head and onto some paper. Seeing your ideas in front of you might help you to put them into some semblance of order and possibly even lead to more ideas.

Stick it on a wall, somewhere you will walk past regularly, then you can keep coming back to your ideas and adding to it as and when the feeling strikes you. This way you can make sure you don’t forget anything. It also means if people come round you can get a gauge for how they feel about your ideas.


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Changing your environment will also help. Staring at the walls you want to decorate will not help you think for freely. Get out of the house for the day, maybe even take a train to somewhere new to get out of your own head for a while. Eat some new food and visit a museum, just thinking about something different for a while can help you feel refreshed.

In the same vein, if you have an idea but you’re not too sure about it, sit with it for a while. Write it down, go about your day and maybe even sleep on it. It will give you time to decide if you do actually like it and if you can live with it. Rushing into a decision can be a risky move if you’re not 100% sure about something.

Do some research. Looking at what other people are doing with similar spaces can prompt you into coming up with something. Even if you take someone else’s ideas and make them your own, sometimes it’s a struggle to think up something completely brand new all by yourself.

You can follow renovation and inspiration pages on social media who regularly post different ideas. Along with look at a magazine or a specific design blog, these can all be ways to come up with something.


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