How To Find Local Love Online During The Second Lockdown

As coronavirus cases continue to rise in the UK, another lockdown has been placed across the country to quash the pandemic. Let’s face it! Life as we knew it has been altered tremendously, from how to work to how we socialize. While Zoom has made meetings from home more convenient, sussing out a potential new partner might require a bit more behind the screen. Social distancing and looking for love? Well, we’ve got you covered! Without further ado, here are incredible tips to help you find the perfect local love online during the second lockdown while staying safe.

Find Local Love Online


Make sure you are ready to start dating

Chances are that most people looking to date online during these times might be doing so out of sheer boredom. Make sure this isn’t the case for you! Whether you’re recently single or searching for your first serious relationship, it’s important that you are ready for a new romance. If you feel you are not ready, then just don’t do it! You should be emotionally ready and open to finding that potential life partner, otherwise, you won’t be doing yourself or the other party any good.

Find the right dating site for you

There are so many dating sites and they are growing even more popular during this lockdown. Finding the right one to suit your needs takes time and research. I would advise, especially for seniors, to be wary of some free dating sites. These websites sometimes tend to be a hub for scammers as they target elderly people who might not be as internet-savvy. Also, If you don’t want a long distance relationship, it is important to choose sites that are committed to helping you find local love online, such as Yorkshire singles which is great for the perfect partner within or around your city.

Create a striking online dating profile

This is a no-brainer! Always your best foot forward. If you’re looking to find potential love online, your profile must be appealing to potential matches. Put up a great-looking profile picture and always make sure you include at least two other photos. Also, it is important to share your positive qualities without coming off as self-absorbed. On Yorkshire dating, they are a series of questions that you can answer for the potential match to learn more about you and vice versa. These answers can instantly attract a potential date to your profile, so it is important to get it right!

Watch a film together

Whether we like it or not, virtual dates are now a reality. Watch a movie or a classical concert with someone you connect with! This allows both of you to have fun together and talk about something else that isn’t each other. This will ease up any tension and enable you to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. The Google Chrome extension Netflix party makes the streaming of movies with other people during the lockdown much easier.

Take a break if you feel burnt out

Always prioritize your self-care and mental wellbeing. The online dating process can be pretty exhausting, from setting up a profile to dealing with boring conversations and rejections. Don’t burn yourself out! It is absolutely fine to take a break from dating sites till you’re in a better place mentally to find the perfect local love online.


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