How To Find Love in 2022: 9 Dating Tips From a Professional Matchmaker

Are you still single and waiting to be with the right one? 2022 can be the year to find your true love. Many of you may think it is challenging to find a suitable partner and face different obstacles. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore with professional matchmakers in the scenario.

Dating is essential to understand if someone is the right match for you or not. And therefore, you need to be well aware of the correct way of dating. 

Here we will tell you how you can find true love in 2022. And bring you 9 dating tips from a professional matchmaker. So read along.



1. Please keep it simple and be yourself

While searching for love, many people put so much effort into themselves that they tend to hide their true selves. This isn’t a good idea as it may help you get a couple of good dates, but you will lose people or hurt yourself. Getting into a relationship is hard. It’s much harder when you put so much effort into yourself that you don’t let people get to know the real you.

People are less likely to be attracted to you as you become more guarded. This is why allowing others into your heart is important. It may take some time, but they will eventually see the true you, and your relationship will improve. A matchmaker in NYC will save your time and energy by assisting you in finding someone who is a good match for you according to your personality and interests.

So never try to cover up your true self. Yes, you should always accept your flaws and try to change yourself for the better. 

Keeping things simple and being yourself will help you find someone who will love the way you are. Also, it will eventually save you from any bad experience of covering up and being not the accurate you.

2. Do not make dating your only priority in life 

Yes, we understand that some of you may put all into dating and love life. This is not a good idea as you miss out on all other aspects of your life. You should never put your search of finding true love as the priority of your life.

Remember, you need to have a healthy lifestyle and be happy. Do everything you need to do and enjoy in your daily life.

You gradually become attractive to others around you when you become a happy person. So, find love to date people but not neglect other aspects of your life.


How To Find Love in 2022: 9 Dating Tips From a Professional Matchmaker


3. Try not to be judgmental

This is probably the most significant setback in the dating scenario. Nobody wants to be judged or ashamed for being themselves, especially when trying to find love. So, try to give your critical capabilities a little rest when meeting someone new. People who date after 40 are more accurate regarding their dates because of their life experiences. Online dating for women over 40 may not even cross your mind, but it could be an option to consider, as you may be more relaxed while dating online, which is important, as well as letting go of judgments and accepting your choices without taking them personally

Be more open-minded and understanding as this can at best find you your special someone or at least get you a memorable conversation and even a good friend, who knows.

4. Focus on genuine connection

It would help to build an exciting connection with someone new if you were genuine. We know it is tough to keep your mind calm on your first date but be sure there is no other way to be your best self in the dating scenario.

Try to be curious about your date but again ask uncomfortable questions. Be genuine in your interest and pay attention to their words. Most importantly, do not glue your eyes to your phone or zone out. Pay attention to the present situation and the person in front of you.


How To Find Love in 2022: 9 Dating Tips From a Professional Matchmaker


5. Do not ask meaningless questions

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not ask any meaningless or inappropriate questions to your date. Yes, there is nothing wrong with being curious and asking people about their lives, opinions, etc. But asking questions like ‘what is your age?’ ‘When are you going to marry?’ or ‘how many relationships you have before?’ etc., can be a big turn down.

Most people don’t like this kind of interrogation and feel uncomfortable around you. Some people can also feel annoyed with such things. So, always understand the situation and ask relevant, appropriate and sensible questions.

6. Put your phone away from the date

All of us are busy in our own lives, work, etc. And some of us have more pressure from work or other things than others. But you are being occupied with your phone all the time while in a meeting is not a positive attitude. 

Yes, you can have things that need your attention. But think of the person getting interrupted by the constant calls and texts; isn’t it annoying for them? So, try to sort out all your work before going on a date and give more time to the other person.


How To Find Love in 2022: 9 Dating Tips From a Professional Matchmaker


7. Indulge in some fun activities

 Another way to make your date successful is to make it enjoyable for both of you. If you both enjoy the time you spent together, you will also enjoy each other’s company. And the chances of meeting further are more likely high if you both spend a good time together.

Try to do some everyday activities that excite both of you, like cooking, hiking, watching movies, playing games, etc.

8. Gracefully handle rejection 

It is terrific if someone does not find you as their right match. Turning down someone is way better than staying in an unhealthy relationship. Everyone is different, and their opinions and needs are just like you to have your own. 

If someone rejects you, you do not fight over it or blame yourself. Try to understand the situation and learn from your experience. Remember that a rejection is not everything, and you should handle it wisely.

9. Watch out for red lights in dating 

Yes, the red lights or you can say red flags are the signs that you should stop there. The typical red signals are jealousy, controlling behavior, verbal or physical abuse, porn behaviors, only physical attraction, no together time, etc. 

You should stop whenever you see these kinds of indications in your dating partner as there is no good sign with these kinds of behaviors. And you should also remember not to indulge yourself in any of this kind of behavior. 


How To Find Love in 2022: 9 Dating Tips From a Professional Matchmaker



The dating experience can be fulfilling, and you can make your journey to find true love for yourself more accessible. Make 2022 your year to give your love life a chance and find true love. We have provided you with the top 9 dating tips from professional matchmakers to ensure your successful dating experience.

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