How to Find the Perfect Cottage Property

Many people have big goals, such as buying their own car and house. Those who finish out paying the most significant purchases in their lives often ask themselves, “What’s next?” You can buy other expensive stuff such as jewelry, add more to your insurance, or put your money into investments.

All those are good ideas, but how about buying a place where you could put your feet up, sip some drinks, and just relax? The perfect place that we’re talking about is a cottage. Although buying a cottage is entirely different from a house out in the city, it’s still a big purchase. With that said, every big purchase needs a lot of consideration before pushing through. To help you out with finding and buying the perfect cottage property, here are some tips to heed:


Deciding on What You Need

So you’ve already thought about wanting and buying a cottage property. So what’s next? Before you do buy property, you should first think of how you’ll use that property. Next, you have to consider what you really need to narrow your search into better options.

Also, here are some questions to get you started:

  • Will you be staying long in your cottage? Or will it be for the weekend getaways?
  • Will you be doing fun activities such as water sports near your cottage?
  • Do you want a large space? A place with woods, or do you want it near clearings?
  • Will you bring along lots of friends and families during your stay?
  • Do you want your cabin as an alternative workspace? Do you need the utilities for your work?
  • Are you willing to renovate a run-down cottage, or are you looking for something that’s already fit for use?
  • Are you considering making your property a short-term rental so that it’ll make a profit while you aren’t using it?


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With all the critical questions being asked, you shouldn’t also forget one of the biggest factors in choosing a cottage property: Location. Location will literally make or break your decisions and, ultimately, your experience.

Ideally, the best cottages can be found near lakes and other inland bodies of water. One prime example is Muskoka in Central Ontario, Canada. So if you’re looking for muskoka cottages for sale, don’t hesitate to check out the place and see how wonderful it is to be surrounded by lush forests and freshwater shores.

Of course, location can influence the pricing of your cottage property, so you’ll have to consider that. Generally speaking, the nearer the cottage is to the city, the more expensive it’ll get. Conversely, a cottage that’s somewhere more isolated can be less expensive.


Speaking of somewhere isolated, cottages that can only be accessed by water can be less expensive. Although you might have to consider paying for a boat, its maintenance, marina expenses, and the additional travel time needed to get to your cottage.

If you don’t mind the extra costs and hurdles along the way, then these isolated cottages are perfect for you. However, if you’re planning to be visiting your cottage often, you might consider getting one that has road access. You’ll have better travel times to and fro with proper road access.

Don’t get it wrong, though; even though a cottage can have easy road access, seasonal changes throughout the year can make it difficult to travel. For example, the rainy season can bring in mud. Mud can damage your vehicle so you might want to check if you have something that can take on the mud. Winter can also block roads so a snowmobile may come in handy.

Other factors to consider when buying cottage properties:

  • Privacy
  • The views
  • Available utilities nearby
  • The communities nearby


How to Find the Perfect Cottage Property



The perfect cottage property can be the cherry on top of a well-deserved career. So if you’re looking for the perfect place to spend your weekends or if you want a place that’s far from the city, look no further. The tips above will surely help you find your desired cottage property.


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